8-Bit 'Google Maps' Comes to NES and Computer

Google Maps 8 Bit

Yes, you read that headline right. Google says they're putting out a product for the 8-bit NES system, and it utilizes in-cartridge dial-up technology to connect to the internet. Of course, this is an April Fools joke, but the product itself - which you can access online through the regular Google Maps interface - is very real and pretty awesome.

To see Google's one-day-early gag, simply head over to Google Maps and select 'Quest' as your viewing mode at the top right. The map view is instantly transformed from a satellite view to a Dragon Quest-esque 8-bit variant, with proper road paths etched out and - if you zoom in - some interesting Easter Eggs hidden around. Feel free to check out the official Google commercial for the faux-8-bit product here:


It's interesting to see the world as we know it look like the Quest screen of an RPG, which makes the world somehow seem like a much better place. Included in the gag was the popular Street View interface, demonstrated here if your eyes aren't afraid of a technicolor explosion. Google certainly went out of their way for this one, making the 8-Bit Maps feature completely integrated with their servers, and functional worldwide.

With Google Maps 8-bit, you can do all the things you already do on regular Google Maps. Search for famous landmarks and sites around the world. Take an epic journey with 8-bit Street View. Get detailed directions to avoid dangerous paths, and battle your way through a world of powerful monsters and mystic treasures!

Google Maps 8-Bit Street view

They've set a pretty good bar for April Fools jokes this year, and we're excited to see what the internet cooks up for the big day tomorrow. Of course, it's not like we haven't added in our fair shair in the past, but we like to keep our viewers on their toes.

What do you think about Google's April Fools gag? Would you buy that cartridge if it actually existed? If you are interested in old school cartridge games, check out Nightmare Busters, legitimately coming to SNES next year!


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