A job posting over on Google’s official site suggests that the company might be preparing to launch a new division focused solely on deliver game experiences. According to the post, Google is looking for a product manager to help grow the brand tentatively titled ‘Games at Google’ into a competitive platform for gaming.

Unfortunately, this job posting doesn’t give any indication as to how far into this games development experiment Google is, only hinting that the company is interested in entering that space. Previous announcements from Google have suggested that they have plans to include game experiences in their Google TV offerings, but that was the last we heard on the topic.

There are a lot of questions — more so than answers — that come from this Google job posting that mainly focus on what types of games Google is interested in delivering. While their competitors in the online space have enjoyed success with social games like Farmville and the like, OnLive has shown that digitally distributed gaming also has some great potential.

More than likely the company is going to keep their first foray into the realm of games on the lower end of the scale — probably offering titles like Angry Birds that are already proven hits. But, if ‘Games at Google’ does take off, that could lead to game experiences developed, published, and distributed solely by Google.

We probably won’t know more about Google’s games division for some time to come, but the thought that the world’s number two brand is taking a stab at video games should have casual and hardcore gamers alike excited. Whether or not Google will favor one or the other can’t be determined so early on, but we anticipate Google wont take large leaps at first, but will stick with perhaps porting smaller established titles.

There is a bright future ahead for video games — on a wide variety of platforms — and adding Google to the mix should bring even more excitement to the mix.

How would you like to see Google introduce ‘Games at Google’ to the world? Which video game audience do you think they will be most likely to go after?

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