Google Developing Gaming Console, Says New Report


Several months ago, a rumor made the rounds that Google was hard at work developing its own game streaming service code named "Yeti", leading many to speculate that the American multinational technology company is primed to throw its hat into the gaming world. Now, it looks as if new information supports the company's supposed interest in gaming, as a new report suggests that the tech firm is planning on releasing a platform that could rival both PlayStation and Xbox.

According to Kotaku, there aren't many specifics to go on about Google’s video game plans, but the outlet has heard that it will involve some sort of streaming platform, some type of hardware, and the company's desire to acquire game developers by way of aggressive recruiting, or perhaps even through major acquisitions. As detailed by the report, this much information has been corroborated by five different sources who have either been briefed on Google’s plans or heard about them secondhand.


Kotaku's report goes on to state that Google representatives apparently met with several major video game companies at the Game Developers Conference in March of this year in order to gauge interest in the aforementioned "Yeti" streaming platform. Interestingly enough, it seems as if Google also took meetings during E3 2018 in Los Angeles, with the tech firm not only looking to persuade game developers to work for the company, but also looking to buy game studios outright.

While it definitely seems as if Google is gearing up to make big waves in the gaming industry in one way or another, it will be interesting to see exactly how the company attempts to do so. Back in January 2018, the tech firm hired Phil Harrison, the veteran video game executive who spent a long time at both Sony and Microsoft as a top manager on the PlayStation and Xbox, so the company has likely learned a lot from him to make a huge gaming debut. Then again, we will simply have to see if Google follows through on this particular venture and doesn't wind up abandoning the project in the long run.

Source: Kotaku

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