Google Teases the 'Future of Gaming' in New Video

Google console GDC 2019 event teaser video

Last month, Google began to send out invites to its keynote event at GDC 2019 (Game Developers Conference). While the invite was vague and designed to get people talking, popular speculation was that the event was for some major Google gaming project.

Today, Google released a new teaser video for the GDC presentation that comes in at just 37 seconds long, with the video featuring zoomed out versions of what appears to be game worlds. One scene is of a tunnel at a sports stadium, another is in the wings of a music concert, and there's a scene of a dank cave with lush vegetation.

There's also a scene with a race car hangar, a scene with a military plane, a scene with a dungeon full of glowing plants, a scene with some sort of warp gate for a spaceship, and a scene with a medieval arena. All of the scenes invoke different video game genres, from space exploration games like No Man's Sky to titles like Destiny and Dragon Age.

In the description of the video, Google tells people to tune in on March 19 to see "Google's vision for the future of gaming" being unveiled. The teaser doesn't state anything concrete, but in the comments, some have noted that the closing scene of the video (with the "G" logo) looks like a console start-up screen. There is also a faint a "bloop" sound which may be Google's version of the famous PlayStation and Xbox console switch-on sounds.

Google's teaser video may be vague but some information about the company's potential console has already leaked. A report published last year suggested that the Google console would offer streaming. The company also took meetings with potential partners at multiple games conferences last year.

Google's has already made some (public) efforts in game streaming. Last year, it began testing its Project Stream service which allowed users to play games within the Google Chrome browser. Just one game was available during the test (Assassin's Creed Odyssey), but it showed that Google had the technology ready and was prepared to make it available, even in a small way.

Other than the console, Google is also expected to announce some major gaming partnerships during the keynote. One rumor is that Sonic the Hedgehog developer Sega has partnered with Google on the console, and fans will be eager to see this confirmed.

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