When Fortnite developer Epic Games revealed it would only make the Android version of the game available through its website and not through the Google Play store, a number of concerns surfaced, as the distribution platform is widely used and trusted by its mobile carriers. This decision has led to a number of security risks, but nevertheless, Epic seems steadfast in this regard.

The company essentially gave two reasons for this choice: 1) it was devoted to the openness of the platform, wanting to make that less theoretical and more concrete in terms of mobile developments, and 2) the “store tax” of Google Play was too high. Concerning the latter, a recent estimate has determined that the Google Play store stands to miss out on at least $50 million dollars since the highly popular Fortnite will not be available on its platform.

This estimate is the amount of money Google would have made due to platform fees in the remainder of 2018, and it is also worth mentioning that Epic has grossed more than $180 million on iOS devices since it launched on March 15. Apple itself has made over $54 million from the game since then, thanks to its cut of the in-app spending on its App Store.

How to get Fortnite Galaxy skin

Epic still stands to make a lot of money off of its Android version, as it is predicted to at least compete with the amount of money made from the iOS platform, despite the differences between the two versions. This estimate is due to various changes, such as Fortnite’s increasing popularity, the Battle Pass’s impact on revenue, and the potential for players in other countries to directly download the APK.

Nevertheless, the Android beta for Fortnite is on-going, so the above figures are subject to change based on its performance. Those participating should make sure they get their Android-exclusive Galaxy skin, and any other bonuses, such as the V-bucks offered with the Galaxy Note 9 pre-order. As more Fortnite Android news develops, be sure to check back here for the info.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices. The Android beta is now taking place, with a full release planned for later this summer.

Source: Sensor Tower Store Intelligence