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Google Chrome Game Web Store

Google has lifted the veil on on their next phase in Web applications with the official launch of Google Chrome Web Store. Amidst the tools like themes and extensions that were previously available, the Chrome Web Store now features everything from books to games. Why exactly is this important? Google already has a growing mobile Web operating system, Android, and they plan on releasing a new netbook/tablet based operating system Chrome OS.

Chrome OS will allow users to play the same web-based games as the ones on your desktop or laptop. According to the Chrome Web Store introductory video, "you can use web apps from any device with a browser. Your office computer, your laptop, even your phone." If this sounds familiar, that's because Microsoft has been planning to do this with their new Windows Phone 7 operating system. Although Microsoft has made their intentions clear when it comes to playing Xbox Live games on your mobile device, console and computer, Google is clearly headed in that direction as well.

Installing a game from the Chrome Web Store does not do much aside from putting a quick link on your Chrome startup page. There are a few premium games as well, and it requires you to use Google checkout. All of the games also appear to be hosted on their native sites, so it seems strange to say it's installed.

When using the Chrome browser sync, apps are also not included so they do not transfer between computers. There is an option however, to sync apps.


Until Google completes their cycle between mobile gaming and Chrome OS, they are growing their library of games. The Chrome Web Store currently has games from EA Games, Popcap, Zynga and a variety of other lesser known Flash developers. Popular games such as Farmville and Plants vs Zombies are part of the launch line-up.

Amongst the titles available is also a free multiplayer clone of Bomberman called Balloono. Most of the other titles include your average arcade shooter or tower defense game, but Balloono is oddly addicting.

As of now, there isn't really any special draw for gamers on the Chrome Web Store, but Google will expand the functionality as Chrome OS releases. It will be interesting to see where this leads, and if this grow into a worthy response to Apple's iOS applications.

Do you think this new Google Chrome Web Store will be able to compete with Apples App Store?

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