When Google+ was first made available to the public (albeit through an invite process) many began counting the days before the service slowly began to mirror its biggest competition: Facebook. Today, Google+ has moved that much closer to mimicking Facebook with its introduction of games.

Google does promise that the games in Google+ (of which there are currently 16 announced) will be less obtrusive that what you might find on another social service, but that remains to be seen. And many of the games featured on Google+ are available on a ton of different outlets, like the iPhone, already.

For those that are curious, the top titles being offered by Google include Angry Birds, Dragon Age Legends, and Bejeweled Blitz — or as we like to call them, the usual suspects. It’s easy to see that Google is trying to follow in Facebook’s suit, but much like the service hasn’t caught on just yet, I wouldn’t expect the games sector for Google+ to take off just yet either.

Sure, gaming with your Google+ circles is a little more inclusive than seeing Farmville updates from some obscure Facebook friend, but how Google regulates each service is all relative. It might not be yet, but eventually the floodgates will open for Google+ just like they did with Facebook.

But Google isn’t just trying to introduce some games support into their Google+ service; they also are presumably getting into the games development market themselves. Whether or not those titles will be developed solely with the intent of popping up on the social network service or if they have bigger aspirations in mind is unknown at this point, but I would expect some overlap.

For now, head on over to your Google+ account and see if you were part of the first phase of the games roll out.

How has your experience been with Google+ so far? Do you think that the addition of games will do anything to boost social networkers to favor Google+ over another service?

Source: Google Blog