'Beyond Good & Evil' Soundtrack Available Now for Free

Beyond Good and Evil Soundtrack Available for Free

Beyond Good & Evil HD released last week on XBLA – with a PSN release later in the year – and Ubisoft is keeping the attention on the franchise by offering the soundtrack for free.

While it isn't the sequel fans have been hoping for, it could be sign that Ubisoft is moving towards breathing new life into this classic.

The game's soundtrack is just as good as its gameplay, and offering the music for free is a good way to promote the title - to those who may not have experienced it the first time around. We gamers love free stuff. You can grab the soundtrack here.

BG&E producer Wang Xu stated last week that Ubisoft knew the game was awesome and felt guilty that it wasn't as successful as it could have been. Wang and the rest of his team want to redeem themselves with this HD remake by putting forward the extra effort and drawing in a new audience. Hopefully this new audience can generate enough profits and give Ubisoft the confidence needed to greenlight Beyond Good & Evil 2.

When attempting to bring back franchises that didn't originally sell a lot of copies, publishers must be careful and make sure their second swing makes contact. EA is being cautious with Mirror's Edge 2 and Ubisoft is proably using BG&E HD to guage how well a sequel would perform.

Beyond Good & Evil Re-Release

For those who haven't downloaded the HD remake, you should check out the first eight minutes of gameplay footage to see why so many of us enjoyed this game. One interesting thing in the video is that Jade's combat moves are similar to the Prince in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - granted the Prince is a lot more fluid and acrobatic.

Did you pickup Beyond Good & Evil HD on XBLA? Will you get it when it launches on PSN later in the year?

Source: Joystiq

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