'Beyond Good & Evil HD' Coming to Xbox LIVE and PSN

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First, let me say this: You have to play Beyond Good & Evil. It's as simple as that. It is one of the best games to have ever been released for any kind of gaming platform. Why? The gameplay was simple, yet effective; the graphics were very good (during that console cycle); and most importantly, the story was amazing. And now, after the initial announcement of Beyond Good & Evil 2 (which may just be canceled) back in 2008, Ubisoft will be porting the original game in amazing HD and making it available for download through Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network.

The original gameplay will remain intact, so fans of the title will have nothing to fear in terms of tampering with something that worked so incredibly well. Beating people up with a stick and taking pictures has never been more fun.

There has been no word of an official release date yet, other than it will be coming to respective platforms some time in 2011 and will be supporting Xbox 360 achievements and PS3 trophies.

So why am I so ga-ga over this game? The story was one of the first that truly impressed me in terms of scope and importance to the characters. The world of Hillys felt real to me and I (as protagonist Jade) was very invested in saving it from the oppression and slavers of the DomZ. Political, press, and humanism were all tones that were present throughout the game and executed with a measure that was nothing more than appropriate. The only game I can think of that came close to this kind of feeling was Half-Life 2, which had similar story elements, albeit in a much different genre.

BG&E has always been one of the games that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys videogames at all, especially if you're looking for something that is going to be an almost guaranteed great time. Even if the sequel has been canceled, the original will still be around for everyone to enjoy.

Beyond Good & Evil HD will be coming to Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network in the year 2011.

Source: Destructoid

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