GR Pick: ‘Gone Home’ Remade in ‘Counter-Strike: GO’

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It may have proven difficult to describe when it was first released, but time was kind to Gone Home, at least where sales and review scores are concerned. While the indie hit of 2013 fueled the debate over the difference between ‘a game’ and ‘a narrative experience’ like few others could, the ‘hardcore’ gamers may have had the last word. That’s thanks to the time and effort that has remade the game’s single environment as a map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

It’s safe to file this fan effort under the ‘unpredictably brilliant’ category, since the slow, dramatic narrative woven through the many rooms, hallways, and secret passageways of Gone Home‘s… home had few players wondering how it would function as the backdrop of some terrorist/counter-terrorist gunfights.

But it doesn’t take long to realize that the Greenbriar household is a veritable slaughterhouse when shifted from one genre to another.

Even the map’s description plays off of the game’s opening text:

June 7th, 2015
1:15 AM
Your family is mysteriously missing again. But you can figure that out later. Right now you have more pressing issues to attend to, like the fact that your house is full of terrorists and some dude has been taken hostage. Rescue him by taking him to the garage where you can make a swift getaway on that old bike that’s been sitting there for twenty years.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell if the decision to take the backdrop of Gone Home and infuse it with bullet-fuelled gunfire was made ironically, or as an attempt to finally make ‘a real game’ out of The Fullbright Company’s first game.

Regardless, ‘cs_gonehome’ will find its way onto plenty of players’ playlists in the coming weeks.

Gone Home Counter-Strike Map Video

Those who are looking to download the map for their own games can do so here, and while the map is nowhere near large enough to do justice to large-scale skirmishes, it does allow up to 32 players. Insert your own ‘Full House’ joke here.

All things considered, it’s welcome news that fans of Gone Home‘s experimental storytelling have another way to experience the game all over again. Granted, it may not be exactly what players had in mind, but it’s better than nothing. And for what it’s worth, the developers themselves seem to be enjoying the tribute:

Now if anyone needs us, we’ll be busy housecleaning.

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