Golem Game from Ex-Destiny and Halo Devs Gets Release Date

golem release date

Back at the 2015 PlayStation Experience event, Highwire Games, a studio comprised of former Bungie developers that have worked on the likes of Destiny and Halo, revealed a brand new IP called Golem. The game's initial announcement trailer was impressive, but we haven't heard or seen much of it since then. But as it turns out, the wait for Golem is nearly over, as its release date has finally been confirmed.

Golem will launch exclusively for PlayStation VR on November 8 in physical form in European territories. North American territories are "targeting a retail release on or as close to that date as possible." The digital version of the game will follow the retail versions on November 12, so if players are struggling to find a physical copy in stores, they should at least be able to download it from the PlayStation Store at that point. No reason for the staggered release date has been given at this time.

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When Golem was first revealed, it quickly became one of the most-talked about PlayStation VR games, mainly due to the pedigree behind it. Not only is it being designed by game developers that have worked on Destiny and Halo, but it also features music from composer Marty O'Donnell. O'Donnell, for the uninitiated, is the award-winning composer behind Halo's fantastic soundtrack, so it's exciting to know he is working on this game.

Golem Game

Fans of O'Donnell may want to consider picking up the physical version of Golem. That's because it's been confirmed that the physical version of the game includes a downloadable version of Echoes of the First Dream - a musical prequel to Golem. O'Donnell successfully funded Echoes of the First Dream through Kickstarter back in 2016, so some of the most diehard fans may have already listened to it.

Golem has long been one of the most anticipated virtual reality games because of the development team behind it. It also seems to be one of the few virtual reality games that will deliver a true, full-fledged gaming experience. It's been in development for about four years after all. Whether or not it lives up to the hype remains to be seen, but VR enthusiasts will definitely want to mark their calendars.

Golem's physical release date is November 8. The digital version will follow on November 12.

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