Former Destiny and Halo Devs Announce New VR Game Golem

Golem Game

Among many of the PlayStation VR games announced at PlayStation Experience today, the first game coming from Highwire Games was announced for PlayStation, called Golem.

Highwire Games, a small indie game studio comprised of industry veterans, announced their first game at PlayStation Experience today. It's a PlayStation VR game, currently in development, called Golem. Here's the trailer, which debuted during the PSX keynote:


In what some are calling "VR-ception," it appears from the trailer that players will don the PlayStation VR to step into the shoes of a young girl who is operating a giant mechanical beast (most likely the titular Golem) using futuristic VR technology.

This is the first time Highwire has shown off the game they have been working on. Highwire Games is comprised of game developers who have worked on some of the industry's biggest franchises including Halo, Destiny, and Infamous.

If the music sounds stirring, it might be because it was composed by Bungie's former audio director and composer, Marty O'Donnell. After O'Donnell was "terminated without cause" from Bungie (and won a lawsuit against his former employer), he helped found Highwire games along with Jaime Griesemer. O'Donnell and Griesemer are both former long-time Bungie employees. Griesemer is one of the devs that coined the phrase Bungie was known for when they were developing Halo: "thirty seconds of fun."

After leaving Bungie during Destiny's development, Griesemer went to work at Sucker Punch as Lead Designer on Infamous: Second Son. After that game shipped, he left Sucker Punch and Golem is his first game since.

Golem Girl

Just a few months ago, another former Bungie dev also joined Highwire, Vic DeLeon. After leaving Bungie, DeLeon went to 343 Industries to continue working on the franchise, helping to ship Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians. He left 343 before Halo 5 shipped, and has joined his former colleagues at Highwire Games.

Rounding out the roster is Matthew Longest, a programmer and veteran of Sucker Punch. He worked on every Infamous game through Second Son.

Highwire Games, which is based in the Seattle area, definitely has a lot of talent behind them, and with the announcement of their first game, gamers will definitely want to keep an eye on Golem. PlayStation was given a lot of attention at PlayStation Experience, and a growing number of games coming to both PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift. The technology and development for VR is extremely new, and Highwire is jumping feet first into this new genre of game development.

What are your first impressions of Highwire Games' new game Golem?

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