Since online multiplayer revolutionized the way we play video games, there has been one game I’ve been waiting to see remade. Rare’s Nintendo 64 classic, GoldenEye 007, is one of the highest rated games ever and definitely one of the most fun. Based on the Pierce Bronson’s first Bond movie of the same name, this FPS came out to rave reviews which lead to a 96% review score on Metacritic.

When GoldenEye came out in 1997 I was entering the 8th grade. Not only was it basically the only game I played in 8th grade, but it was always the top game to play with friends through high school and even into college.

What gave GoldenEye its longevity was the amazing 4-player death match multiplayer. Since there was no thought of online multiplayer at the time, everyone was playing on the same screen. My favorite setup has always beenĀ  the proximity mines weapon-set on the Facility map. If you were good you could set up mines at all the spawn points and turn 1 kill into 5, changing the leader board quite quickly.

Trying to bring back GoldenEye is not a new idea. The folks at Team GoldenEye: Source have been working on a total conversion mod of Valve’s Source Engine to bring GoldenEye to the PC. After 4 years of development they are still in beta, but it is worth taking a look at just to see what may come to be.

Rare, the game’s original developer was purchased by Microsoft back in 2002. There was talk of GoldenEye port coming to Xbox Live, but Microsoft and Nintendo couldn’t come to an agreement. The same result happened when Nintendo tried to release the game on Virtual Console.

It seems this time, Activision has pulled all the necessary strings (like registering to put together a remake of the N64 classic. According to an anonymous tip, Activision has been sending out a survey about bringing GoldenEye to the Wii with the classic 4 player split screen multi-player included, but also featuring 8 player online multiplayer.

Clip From Possible Activision Survey About GoldenEye Remake

Clip From Possible Activision Survey About GoldenEye Remake

There are rumors that Activision will unveil the game at this months E3. Only time will tell, but if its true, you can bet that I, and many others will be dusting off their Wii to relive this classic game, preferably with dual RCP90s. You can be sure we’ll pass on any tidbit we hear at E3 onto you.

Are you ready for a remake of GoldenEye 007? Which character would you play multiplayer with first? Obviously not Oddjob. Let us hear what you think in the comments.

Source: GoNintendo