New Goldeneye Multiplayer Trailer and Screens Released, Nostalgia Invoked

Goldeneye 007 Wii Multiplayer Trailer and Screens

"Goldeneye is back. Get your friends." The tagline for the latest Goldeneye trailer is simple, yet effective. As gamers, we all have affinities for certain game series, and, for a large number of gamers growing up in the late 1990s, that series is the Rare-developed FPS Goldeneye. Now being remade for the Nintendo Wii and DS systems, I have to admit: Goldeneye Wii is looking pretty exciting.

Although some might claim that the Eurocom developed remake is unnecessary and will only detract from the title's high level of prestige, I would urge those people to watch the trailer below. Focusing on the multiplayer aspects of the upcoming shooter, the trailer does a fantastic job at representing a title that is sure to be "the definitive Wii FPS".

Check out the trailer below:httpv://

Now readers, I don't know about you, but combined with the announcement trailer first seen at this year's E3 2010 Nintendo Press Conference, I am now extremely excited for Goldeneye. Being only a young boy at the time of release, my memories surrounding the N64 original are hazy at best. 007 Nightfire though? Now there's a game I could play for days on end. With a fantastic mix of fast-paced gameplay, great gadgets and, perhaps most importantly, Oddjob's hat, Nightfire is still one of my most-played multiplayer experiences, and the trailer above has left me extremely optimistic as to how I'll be spending this year's holiday season. Especially when combined with the vast number of details we reported on earlier this year.

To add to the trailer above, we also have a bunch of new screens taken from the Wii and DS versions of the game. I hate to preface statements with the classic 'For a Wii game...', so I won't. In my opinion, the Wii Goldeneye screens look pretty damned great. Those expecting a graphical fidelity on the level of, say, Gears of War will be sorely disappointed, but everyone else should agree that these are some really pretty screenshots.

The first eight screens come from Goldeneye Wii, and the final four are from the DS version of the title. Click the screenshot to enlarge:

[gallery link="file" columns="2"]

As I hope would be clear by now, I'm pretty excited for the upcoming Goldeneye Wii. I hadn't really paid it much attention until I began researching this news article, but in the last couple of hours, my mind has been blown several times. Now, I simply can't wait for the November 2nd release, and I'm even contemplating memorizing my Wii Friend Code in order to play it online. If that fails, I'm kidnapping my buddies and forcing them to sit down and play Goldeneye for 24 hours straight. "For Game Rant?!" I hear you cry. 'No. For me.'

How about you, readers? Are you excited for the upcoming Goldeneye remake? Will you be grabbing some friends to play multiplayer into the early hours of the morning? Let us know in the comments below.

Goldeneye will release this Holiday season on November 2nd, exclusively on Nintendo Wii and DS.

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