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Agent, ready your weapons. Developer Eurocom has unveiled the launch trailer for GoldenEye 007, and we have it right here for your viewing pleasure.

James Bond is an icon of British cinema. With twenty two different films, six different actors, and a whole host of buxom beauties, it's tough to decide which movie is the best. Watching the newly released Goldeneye 007 launch trailer reinforces one single belief, however; Goldeneye is the only one for me.

Viewable below, the trailer starts with the same bungee jump sequence from the film (albeit with a twist), before rapidly descending into non-stop action sequences punctuated by scenes of neck-breaking hand-to-hand combat. The second half of the trailer focuses on the multiplayer aspect of the title, and, like previous trailers before it, seems to capture the magic that made the N64 original such a hit. And, of course, they include the famous tank sequence once again.


If there's one criticism to be leveled at the trailer, it's that the graphics look outdated and horrifically blocky on the Wii. Normally, I'm not a stickler for visual fidelity -- after all, if the visuals were good enough for me 10 years ago, they're good enough for me now -- but, contrasted against the epic, blockbuster feel of the trailer, it feels a little jarring. While I honestly believe that Eurocom has created a game that will equal, if not surpass, the other Bond game in development, Blood Stone, a little part of me wishes it would look just that little bit better.

All in all, I'm extremely excited by what Goldeneye 007 has to offer. As our recent retrospective showed, the N64 original doesn't hold up incredibly well in today's standards, and so the idea of a brand-new re-imagining is one that makes me incredibly happy. If only because I know I can invited some friends round, then take them out '97 style.

Are you excited by the Goldeneye 007 launch trailer? Will you be picking up the title at release? Will you be pick up the Classic edition with the Classic Controller? Let us know in the comments below.

GoldenEye 007 will be released November 2nd, exclusively on the Nintendo Wii and DS platforms.

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