Goldeneye 007 on Wii Features Redesigned Levels

Goldeneye Wii Snow Shooting Screen

Fans of one of the best N64 games of all time, Goldeneye 007, might start raising an eyebrow, because the remake will be featuring some minor changes in the cosmetics of the game's world. These changes mainly stem from the game's inclusion of Daniel Craig as the title's protagonist, rather than a badly digitized Pierce Brosnan.

For example, since the Cold War is not really a relevant thing anymore, the Jungle level from the original Goldeneye that took place in Cuba has now transitioned to Nigeria. It's not a huge change, individual elements of the level that you remember like those pesky auto-turrets will still be present. This time around though, Bond will get a gadget that allows him to hack the turrets' target parameters.

While I'm all for a pure transition from old-gen to next-gen for Goldeneye, relevancy still does affect the immersion factor of the game. The Cold War's over, so why not move the title into the present? This isn't something I find myself upset about whatsoever, unlike the Black Mesa project, which should absolutely preserve every single element of the brilliant FPS, Half-Life.

Rest assured, Goldeneye will still retain the multiplayer that made this game legendary in its own regard, even Activision can't mess that up. Though I'm wondering what other minor changes that will be implemented throughout the single-player campaign. Russia's always a viable villain in any video game, so I don't think they would change the 'Facility' or 'Bunker' levels, especially if they're going to maintain the original's storyline. Then again, it's not hard to move things around to fit in a more modern setting: Bond has to stop a bad guy from unleashing a device that causes horrible things to the world. Nothing spectacular, but then again Bond stories aren't known for their complexities. No matter what, it's going to be an amazing gaming experience that I get to relive with less polygons and more animations.

Goldeneye 007 does some crazy British spy stuff on the Nintendo Wii and DS on November 2, 2010.

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