If there is one first person shooter that could be labeled as the quintessential multiplayer title, there’s no doubt that a vast majority would look to GoldenEye 64 to fulfill that role. Though it wasn’t the first, what GoldenEye delivered to gamers was unlike anything they had experienced before and is now what many companies look to as the gold standard that started it all.

With GoldenEye 007, Eurocom took many of the game’s classic qualities and updated them for the Wii environment, as well as introducing many of the first person shooter tropes of today. It was a highly anticipated experiment, and one that was a lot of fun if you gave it a try, but unfortunately the Wii graphics ultimately held the game back.

Thankfully, Eurocom is giving GoldenEye another go with GoldenEye 007: Reloaded, a dedicated PS3 and Xbox 360 release that features a new game engine, new Mi6 missions, support for more players online, and more multiplayer characters and levels. With all the sheen of an HD remake, there’s nothing to stop gamers from checking out this GoldenEye remake now.

To help give those who might have scoffed at the outdated graphics (read: Wii graphics) of the first GoldenEye 007 a better look at the multiplayer now with its new engine, Activision has sent over a trailer that is all about the multiplayer. Check it out:


From the trailer it can be seen that many of the gold (no pun intended) standards from the original have returned including classic Bond villains Oddjob and Jaws, as well as some updated locales and weaponry. If nothing else seeing the golden gun one-hit kill again should bring a smile to any nostalgic gamers face.

There’s plenty more to GoldenEye 007: Reloaded than just the multiplayer, but most will point to that facet of the experience as the most important. Sure, there are chances to snag your very own Moonraker laser attachment, but what gamers will really want to do is go slappers only or participate in some good old fashioned paintball mode.

Are there any GoldenEye fans out there who were uninterested in the Wii version but will now check out this “Reloaded” edition? With so many popular multiplayer shooters out there do you think that GoldenEye’s format still holds any weight?

GoldenEye 007: Reloaded releases November 1, 2011 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: YouTube