New Trailer Gives First Look at Goldeneye 007's Multiplayer Maps

Goldeneye 007 Review Multiplayer

Many might be skeptical of Goldeneye 007’s ability to recapture the magic gamers felt so long ago on the N64 spending countless hours in grueling multiplayer deathmatches but Eurocom is hoping to convince them by blending the old school with the new. In our newest trailer for the game we get a better look at some of the multiplayer maps from the original as well as some of the intriguing new locations.

If I remember correctly one of the maps that I spent most of my nights battling with my friends was "Facility" and it brings a smile to my face to see its silos once again. While we are only given a brief glimpses of each map, the two I recognize from the original are "Archives" and "Facility" with the others being new additions.

See if you can pick out your new favorite from the trailer below:

As multiplayer maps go, these look like your standard fare of multi-level indoor and outdoor locations with plenty of open spaces for shootouts to take place. From what is shown, Nightclub is my particular favorite of the new maps with its overly generous mood lighting that hope is accompanying by some cheesy dance music. There is no word as to whether these are the only maps contained within the game or whether we will be seeing some appearances from more of our old favorites ("Temple" please) but I would expect Activision is keeping some of their secrets hidden until closer to launch.

For those who might be considering the Classic Edition bundle of the game, it has just been revealed that a new multiplayer mode will instantly be unlocked for purchases of this retail version. Titled "Classic Conflict Mode," players will be able to battle with up to seven other players, each assuming the role of a classic character from Goldeneye’s past. Yes that’s right Jaws, Oddjob, Baron Samedi, Dr. No, Scaramanga, Red Grant, Rosa Klebb and Blofeld will go toe-to-toe in some intense death matches right from the box in this game mode. For those who might not have the cash to purchase the bundle, you will be tasked with reaching a rank of 35 before being able to partake in this extremely tantalizing mode.

No matter how you might feel about Activision’s decision to bring the Goldeneye property back from the dead, every gamer wants this game to be good. As a remake one of the seminal FPS games from generations past, Goldeneye 007 might not stand the test of time, especially on the Wii, but the young gamer inside me jumps for joy every time he thinks about this game.

What do you think of the maps, new and old, in Goldeneye 007? Any favorites from the original you must see in this reboot?

Goldeneye 007 goes slappers only on November 2nd for the Wii and the DS.

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