GR Pick [Video]: GoldenEye 007 Live-Action Game Mod

Real Life GoldenEye 64 Fan Mod

Who could forget the good ol' days staying up at all hours of the night playing GoldenEye 007 multiplayer on the Nintendo 64 with all your buds? Some jerk would pick Oddjob, while another would be throwing proximity mines at spawn points — it was a dog eat dog world back then.

Skip forward over 14 years and some fans of the classic game have created a fun live-action video inspired by GoldenEye 007 and it surprisingly feels like greeting an old friend.

According to the player narrating the "gameplay" video, this rendition of GoldenEye 64 is a "fan-made mod" with "updated graphics." The video has everything you could ask for: a silenced Walther PPK, infinite ammo, and of course, dumb A.I. The classic first-person shooter video is great, but at the same time brings back aggravating memories of what it demonstrates so well: the A.I.

Many gamers have lived to tell the of tale of surviving escort missions.

Other than bringing back fond memories of Natalya running into walls, this video is a little slow and not very action-oriented - we have FreddieW for that - but then again, the gameplay in GoldenEye wasn't like Call of Duty. We'd love to see another if this crew could recreate an actual level from the game, but you can't win 'em all. Check out the video from YouTube user Warialasky below:


We've seen other amazing games come to life in past GR Picks, including a 9-minute Left 4 Dead film, Donkey Kong in 'Kart Driver', an original Uncharted short, and of course Dan Trachtenberg's amazing Portal short. All good time-wasters, this included.

What video games would you like to see adapted into a live-action mod?



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Source: Warialasky's YouTube Channel

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