New GoldenEye 007 Choices Trailer Details Weapons & Villains

GoldenEye 007 Multiplayer Modifiers

This generation has seen many remakes of popular Nintendo 64 titles such as Mario Kart and and Super Smash Bros., and now GoldenEye 007 - when it releases for the Wii and DS this fall.

Today we're showing off a new trailer of the game, revealing the many choices in weapons and strategies gamers will have at their disposal while playing through this modern day retelling of the N64 classic.

Many people don't like when you mess with a good game from their childhood and GoldenEye is no exception. When GoldenEye was first announced, as an upcoming Wii and DS title, people's excitement for reliving the golden age of gaming coincided with apprehension at what a new developer might do to their fond gaming memories. Since the announcement, a multitude of trailers and screens have quelled many of these fears as gamers look forward to taking down their friends once again with the golden gun.

Be forewarned, this trailer will reveal a minor spoiler – though many of you will see it coming – of who the real villain is in GoldenEye as well as a sneak peak into one of the game's boss battles.

There's also a glimpse of a few of the 25 weapons gamers will get to wield in the full game. Okay enough talk, onto the trailer!


Ranters, which characters and weapons are you looking forward to utilizing in GoldenEye?

From the trailer it looks like, instead of being just skins on a model, each character in multiplayer will have their own special attributes. This will give gamers more to think about while they deliberate with their friends over which modifiers they should use. While many may lean towards Scaramanga and his golden gun, I can't wait to smack people in the face with Odd Job's Bowler.

GoldenEye 007 is shaping up to be an epic title once it releases on November 2nd for Wii and DS, and I'm sure many of you Ranters are looking forward to grabbing your friends and reliving some of your favorite moments from one of the most well known FPS titles of all time.

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