Golden Sun: Dark Dawn 'Djinn' Tutorial Will Have You Summoning In No Time

Golden Sun Dark Dawn Djinn Tutorial

With the upcoming release of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn happening next week, Nintendo has released a tutorial that teaches players all about 'Djinn'. Djinn are entities that live in the world of Weyard that boost Adepts' Psynergy capabilities. For more information on Psynergy, be sure to check out the Psynergy trailer that Nintendo also released recently.

The tutorial starts out with the narrator telling the player about how heroes collect Djinn to become more powerful. The more Djinn the hero collects, the stronger and more powerful they become as a result. There are two ways that Djinn achieve the power up: Changing the hero's character class and boosting the character's stats. All Djinn are creatures that belong to one of the four elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind).

A player can encounter Djinn out in the wild, but the tutorial warns that Djinn can be very difficult to capture. Some Djinn will be within what seems like reaching distance from the player, but a character's skills and abilities must be used in order to come into contact with it. Some Djinn will choose to join you right after you encounter them, but some have to be defeated in battle in order for them to join the team.

When a Djinni (that's the singular form of Djinn) is captured, they can be assigned to any member of the party. A benefit of giving an elemental Djinni to a matching Adept party member is that it will increase the character's stats. Compounding Djinni with their matching Adept will not only increase a character's stats, but change the character's class as well. Syngery spells are also gained when an increased number of Djinn are attached to a party member. Mixing which Djinni goes with each Adept can also bring numerous different class, spells, and stats benefits.

There will be certain creatures that players will battle in the game that are weak to a certain element, so by equally dispersing Djinn that counter that creature's element, players can defeat enemies more quickly. Players will possess the ability to be able to switch out which Djinn their party members are using which can really turn the tide of battle.

Check out this very informative and useful tutorial video below:


After watching this tutorial, it is very apparent that Nintendo and Camelot Software Planning want players to feel prepared to begin their epic adventure. Gamers that will be playing Dark Dawn as their first Golden Sun game shouldn't feel overwhelmed.

Feeling more prepared after watching the tutorial on 'Djinn' as well as the Psynergy trailer? Could it be possible that you still need more convincing in order to pick this game up? Let us know with your thoughts and comments below!

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is set to be released on November 29, 2010 for the Nintendo DS.

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