'Psynergy' Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Trailer is Sure to Revitalize Fans

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Fans of the original Golden Sun and its sequel, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, who have been anticipating the next entry in the franchise now have a new 'Psynergy' trailer to hold them until the release of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. This could very well be one of the last "AAA" titles to be released on the Nintendo DS before the release of the its successor, the Nintendo 3DS next spring.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is set 30 years after where Golden Sun: The Lost Age left off, which had the heroes succeed in restoring the Golden Sun in Weyard back into power. Nintendo and Camelot Software Planning have just released this 'Psynergy' trailer that showcases the new look of the game, fearsome battles, and the exciting epic adventures that will be sure to experience. Psyenergy, to newcomers of the Golden Sun franchise, is the elemental power of the world that is not only in the land itself, but it also able to be wielded by Adepts.

The trailer, while not a very long one, still manages to once again entice fans of the previous Golden Sun games back into this familiar world. For gamers that may be new to Golden Sun, this trailer provides a good idea of what to expect once the game is released. Different towns are showcased which give the impression that the graphics capabilities of the DS are being pushed to the max. A taste of the variety of dungeons and how to use the touchscreen controls to navigate through certain areas are also showcased in this trailer.

New characters are shown, some of which are the descendants of the previous games' heroes, who all have a colorful and distinct look to them. Battles in Dark Dawn look amazing and jawdropping to the point where players will have to remind themselves they are playing this game on a handheld. Some of the attacks in the game take full advantage of the dual-screen of the DS, which provides a more cinematic feel. Summons will be making a return and the design of the ones featured in the trailer could give some summons that appear in Final Fantasy games a run for their money.

Gamers who are ready to watch this new trailer should check it out below:


Based on this trailer, there is a good chance that new as well as old Golden Sun fans will pick up this new entry in the series.

Does this game look like a must-have to add to your collection? It is possible that too many years have passed since the last game was released on the GameBoy Advance? Let us know with your thoughts and comments below!

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is set to be released on November 29, 2010 for the Nintendo DS.

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