Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Shines in November

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Finally, after years upon years of waiting, Nintendo put a smile on thousands of DS owner's faces at their 2009 E3 press conference. Golden Sun for the Nintendo DS was finally announced, with a promised 2010 release date. Even better, at this past year's E3, Nintendo presented footage of the game to its audience and unveiled the game's full title: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

On November 29th, 2010, in North America, Nintendo will release the long awaited RPG to the masses. Not too much is known about the title, but if Dark Dawn is even half as good as the previous games in the franchise, then gamers will love playing with the Djinn and the amazing summons that Golden Sun's universe has to offer.


Looking at the release calendar for the Nintendo DS this year, it's easy to see that there aren't too many releases from Nintendo themselves. Could Dark Dawn be one of the last big titles to appear from them before Nintendo focuses it's attention onto their eagerly anticipated 3DS?

Gamers have been saying for a while now that the Nintendo DS has been oversaturated with bad licensed games and shovelware. If Dark Dawn is indeed some sort of a "last gasp," then the DS will certainly go out with a bang, setting the stage for its successor. Memories quickly come to mind of lying in bed playing Golden Sun about 9 years ago on sleepless nights, and getting so engrossed in the game that any hopes of catching some shut-eye before school the next day went out the window. I look forward to similar experiences, eyes glued to my DS helping me unwind from a long day at work.

What about you, ranter? Do the pangs of nostalgia have you itching for more Golden Sun goodness? Are you an RPG gamer, and will you be adding Dark Dawn to your gaming wishlist? Do you hope to see a Golden Sun release on the Nintendo 3DS? Sound off in the comments section, and let us know!

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for Nintendo DS launches in North America on November 29th, 2010.

Source: Kotaku

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