Competitive play for Overwatch is looking even more exciting as game director Jeff Kaplan announces that golden weaponry will be awarded to the higher-skill players.

Those looking forward to Overwatch‘s competitive play game mode now have a whole new reason to be excited as Blizzard announce that the stronger players could be wielding special golden weaponry to show off their skill in-game.

In a recent developer video detailing competitive play in Overwatch, game director Jeff Kaplan talked about rewards for doing well in the new game mode. The director stated that rewards are a controversial topic in competitive gaming, with anything that involves power-gain making the game imbalanced. In order to keep the playing field even, Kaplan announced that the prizes that players could earn were 100% cosmetic.

“We do have some awesome cosmetic rewards in the system,” commented Kaplan. “Not only will there be some sprays and player icons that you can only get by playing each season, there’s a very cool, customised golden gun system that you guys are going to see. Once you see things like Reinhardt’s golden hammer you’re going to be pretty blown away”


The director also stated that the higher skill players will be able to unlock the shiny new gear way sooner than anyone else, so it’s likely that players will start to see it as soon as competitive play releases later this month. Alongside the golden weaponry, there will also be some other exclusive rewards that you’ll only earn if you’re one of the highest-skill players. These cosmetics will reportedly really set players apart from the rest, making the heroes look “very unique” from other fans of the same character.

Due to competitive play being reset with each season, there will also be special sprays and player icons that will unlock for playing each season, meaning that completionists will have to log in after each reset to earn their seasonal rewards.

Players eager to jump in and practice their skills in quick play might be left disappointed however, as Overwatch‘s servers have just been on the receiving end of a DDoS attack, leaving fans unable to join and remain in a session. This isn’t the first time that Blizzard has suffered from these issues, most recently facing a DDoS attack on their service.

Both occasions are being claimed to be the work of notorious hacking group Lizard Squad. Hopefully this means that the company is used to fixing the problem and it won’t be long until service remains as normal.

Overwatch is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.