There might not be a better time to purchase Sony’s PS4 than in the coming months. Sony has doubled down on its commitment to provide new exclusives to its games library, as evidenced by its E3 2017 presentation that featured Days GoneSpider-Man, and others, and the company recently went on record as saying that the PS5 is still a while away, meaning investing in Sony’s current console won’t be an obsolete decision a few months later.

If the thing that’s been holding some gamers back from purchasing a PS4 has been its relatively unexciting exterior, however, Sony has that covered as well. Sony just launched the recently announced gold and silver PS4 slims into the European console market, and the company is so proud of them that it went ahead and filmed an entire launch trailer just for the consoles. The brief thirty second endeavor isn’t the typical console launch video, either. Check it out here and see why Sony’s trailer is making waves:

That is not the sort of video a company films for a product it is timid about. Of course, the gold and silver PS4s are limited edition, so interested parties will likely have to act rather quickly – the PS4 is still the best-selling console of this generation more often than not, and with Sony’s hopes of 100 million being sold by the end of 2018, the gold and silver PS4s aren’t going to last particularly long on the market.

Sony’s recent business decisions have definitely made owning a PS4 a more attractive proposition than ever before, and beyond the fancy new aesthetic of these limited edition PS4 slims, that process has also trickled down into the company’s PS Plus offerings. Sony’s most recent PlayStation Plus free games for July are arguably the best the company has ever offered, with the headliner being the inclusion of Until Dawn – a horror game that revolutionized the genre on console and is a must-play for people who have yet to experience its mixture of jump-scares and brutal, violent choice-based narrative.

Unfortunately, those interested in the silver model of the PS4 slim will have to be located in Europe, as that color is a region-exclusive. North American fans have been able to get their hands on the gold version for the better part of a month already, though.

The PS4 Slim Gold and PS4 Slim Silver are available now in Europe.

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