PlayStation 4 users are in for a treat. A gold-colored PS4 is close to breaking onto the retail scene, reportedly hitting shelves the week of E3 2017.

According to a Target advertisement, which appears to have been accidentally revealed by the company, the limited edition console is the 1TB slim version and comes bundled with a matching gold DualShock controller. Twitter user Wario64 shared the image on the social platform, stating, “PlayStation 4 1TB Slim Gold console confirmed for Target ad week of June 11.” The accompanying photo shows the gold console listed at $249.99 USD, an apparent $50 decrease from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $299.99 USD.

Sony hasn’t formally unveiled a metallic-toned unit, but sources outside the store’s ad confirm its existence, with one mentioning the unit could arrive as early as Friday, June 9. Users in two separate Reddit threads have reported seeing the gold PS4 on Target’s equipment and on Walmart’s shelves. Reddit member Sliye confirmed, “I work at Target and it looks like the PS4 gold is coming June 9. [It] shows up on our equipment.”

On the other side of the retail dynamic, one customer shared their encounter with the yet-to-be-announced console. “This Walmart put them out early,” Reddit user Christopher_Maxim said. “[The] register locked up when I tried to buy one and the staff realized their mistake. I snagged a pic before they brought them out back.”

A listing for a wireless gold PS4 DualShock controller has also appeared on the Best Buy website. It’ll cost players $64.99 USD and features the same precision controls, built-in speaker, share button, and integrated light bar as its non-metallic ps4 unit confirmed

Though Sony has yet to speak on the validity of these reports, if true, releasing the gold PS4 during the week of E3 is, admittedly, a smart marketing technique. Because the expo is open to the public for the first time since the inaugural gathering in 1995, more eyes will be on the conference presenters than ever before. Industry executives, seasoned journalists, and gaming enthusiasts alike will be watching companies’ every move, Sony included.

Even if Sony doesn’t unveil all the games fans were hoping the company would, rolling out a limited edition PlayStation 4 is sure to grab fans’ attention and perform well given its timely (perhaps even tactical) debut.

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