Taco Bell is Giving Away a Gold PS4

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Video games and fast food joints are no strangers to each other. Although the belief that all gamers love greasy junk food and soda is an old stereotype, there is nevertheless a lot of overlap between the people buying games at midnight launches and people looking for whatever nutrients are available at 12:05 am. Taco Bell understands this delicate balance, and has found a partner in Sony that thinks PS4 and tacos go together like Bungie and space shooters.

That isn’t to say that the relationship has been perfect. Taco Bell made headlines four years ago with a PS Vita contest controversy, when people who thought they had won the contest were sent notices later saying that their codes were invalid. However, the promotions have been a success for the most part, and Taco Bell and Sony are back at it again.

Sony announced today via its official PlayStation blog that the company will be offering a Limited Edition Gold PlayStation 4 Console Bundle. The promotional combo will include a gold PS4, a gold controller, a copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and a voucher for one year of the PS Plus subscription service. Those looking to line up in an attempt to snag a bundle won’t have an opportunity, though: the golden PS4 will only be available as a give away from Taco Bell.

Gamers looking for some PS4 bling have to “stop by [their] local Taco Bell and purchase any Big Box, and receive a unique code”. The Big Box promotion consists of a large drink, two tacos, chips, and an unholy quesadilla and burrito hybrid that Taco Bell calls the “quesarito”. Luckily, it is not a requirement to finish the entire meal to be entered into the contest. Gamers who think the $5 cost of the Big Box is a little too step for a contest entry have a few other options: you can get codes by mail-in request, or submit a request for a single code online once the promotion has been going for a month.

uncharted collection drake zipline

Sony says the promotion will run from September 24th until November 6th, and that a Limited Edition Gold PS4 will be given away once every ten minutes. For those interested, that will be approximately six thousand bundles given away over the course of the promotion, which is only available to participants in the United States.

Perhaps the biggest prize in the bundle will be a free copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, which recently debuted a gorgeous eleven-minute gameplay video showing off its graphical improvements at 60FPS. Although the PS4 being gold is a nice touch in a bundle that features a game about treasure hunters, we sincerely doubt there will be a Taco Bell tie-in otherwise. Nathan Drake looks like the kind of guy who watches what he eats pretty closely.

How do you feel about Taco Bell and Sony’s continuing partnership? Would you buy a Big Box just for the chance to get a gold PS4? Let us know in the comments.

Source: PlayStation Blog (via Polygon)

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