Gamers love special edition consoles and manufacturers are well aware, with Nintendo being particularly proactive when it comes to new designs and color schemes. However, leaked stock images have confirmed that Sony is getting in on the act with a new variant of the PlayStation 4.

A special edition PlayStation 4 with a gold color scheme is set be made available in June, according to Target’s internal inventory system. An employee apparently found references to the release on a store computer, and took to the internet with the news and a few photographs of its packaging.

The entirety of the console’s exterior is outfitted with an eye-catching gold color palette, which will add a degree of opulence to your late-night sessions trudging through Horizon: Zero Dawn. The system also comes with a desirable all-gold controller, which has already been available at GameStop locations and on Amazon for a few months now.

This isn’t the first time that gamers have had an opportunity to get their hands on a golden PlayStation 4. In 2015, fast food restaurant Taco Bell ran a promotion that gave entrants the chance to win a limited edition gold variant of the console with the purchase of a meal from a participating store.

However, this new gold PlayStation 4 is even fancier than the one offered as part of that contest. The older model actually sported a gold and black design, whereas the new version is completely gold — of course, the newer iteration boasts the same advantages that the latest PlayStation 4 revision has over its predecessor, too.

There’s currently no pricing information regarding the gold PlayStation 4, but it’s sure to be announced sooner rather than later. With the system set to be made available in a little over a week’s time, Sony will no doubt release some official information over the next few days.

The gold edition of the PlayStation 4 is rumored to launch on June 9, 2017.

Source: Reddit

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