'Godzilla' PS3 Game Lets Old Version Fight New Version

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Earlier this summer the King of the Monsters returned to the silver screen in Legendary Pictures' Godzilla. The film was mostly well received; to the point Legendary has already greenlit development on a sequel.

However, the early buzz for Godzilla was not enough for Legendary to give the go-ahead on a movie tie-in game, and for that we are thankful. Tie-in games are almost exclusively bad, to the point that the sub-genre has a negative stigma attached.

But while there was not a Godzilla movie game in development, there was a completely different Godzilla game in the works. This game has been developed as a send-up to the classic Godzilla films of the '80s, which were produced by the Japanese-run Toho Studios, and is targeting a winter release (on PS3 only) in Japan.

Above, readers can see some of the Godzilla game screenshots, which, as expected, feature the King of the Monsters going toe-to-toe with a few of his iconic enemies. It also appears as if Godzilla will have to contend with the Japanese military — a common trope in the Toho films.

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Although the game is not billed as a movie tie-in, it does feature Legendary Pictures' version of the massive creature as a bonus enemy type. As a result, players can live out their alternate universe fantasy by having this generation's Godzilla do battle with the previous generation. Sorry Roland Emmerich, but your version didn't make the cut.

For a last-gen game, this Godzilla title seems to have the design of the monster down, from the pointy back fins to the bright blue atomic breath. Unfortunately, the rest of the game's visuals leave a lot to be desired. We're not saying that this looks like a PS2 game, but it certainly doesn't rival the likes of God of War 3 or The Last of Us.

It's also unclear why the title is exclusive to Sony, but we'd venture to guess that has to do with the Japanese release more than anything else. Both the PlayStation brand and the Godzilla brand are bigger in Japan than they are anywhere else, so it makes sense to unite the two here. However, if this game does expand to North America, we wouldn't be surprised to see a 360 version tag along.

What do you think of this Godzilla game? Has your interest in the character changed since the feature film?


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