God Of War PS4: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved

The God of War series was, until very recently, only popular for being a hack-and-slash game that did a remarkable job at presentation of its gameplay. The story wasn’t its main selling point, and the protagonist was seen as very one-note in nature.

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This all changed with PS4’s God of War, which was heavy on the story and won numerous Game of the Year awards because of its engaging premise. While the game was superb in storytelling, it deliberately left out many angles out there for the fans to ponder about. Most of these should be expected to be resolved in the future; but for the time being, we’re still waiting for answers to these 10 storylines.

10 Kratos's Future

It was kind of criminal how the closing moments of the game gave us the biggest twist of all, only to then leave it hanging for the sequel or perhaps a future game to resolve. When Kratos and Atreus reached Jotunheim, they found carvings from decades ago foretelling the future. One of them was Kratos’ own.

Here, Kratos saw the clear picture of his body being caressed by what we can assume is the future Atreus. Signs point toward Kratos’ death being the catalyst to Atreus turning on the gods, but we can only make assumptions as the game didn’t stop to elaborate on this.

9 Thor's Arrival

You might want to argue that the point of showing Thor at the closing seconds of the game was to set up the sequel, but get this: Why would Thor wait years to attack? And the excuse that he didn’t know where Kratos and Atreus were was lame, because this is Odin’s son we’re talking about here.

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There has to be a bigger story behind Thor’s arrival that the game has expertly teased but refused to resolve. Thor has the death of his sons to avenge, and you better believe there was a lot of other stuff going on before he appeared to confront Kratos. We just don’t what that is.

8 Freya's Revenge

Despite being an ally for the full game, Freya became an enemy to Kratos by the end of its events due to Kratos killing her son. Of course, the son in question was trying to kill Freya, but the latter didn’t want to hear reason.

Freya would curse Kratos for killing Baldur, claiming she would rain every kind of torment she knew upon Kratos as punishment. So how did this threat end? Freya simply up and went away. Since Kratos’ fate might be sealed as seen in the drawings in Jotunheim, we don’t know what Freya’s role is in this.

7 Odin's Reign

Of the characters mentioned in God of War, Odin was the one whose name came up the most. Whenever he was spoken of, though, it was never in a good light. Every character would mention how insane Odin really was and how he knew no remorse or guilt in his bloody conquests; all these were just informed attributes.

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We didn’t have even a slight appearance from Odin, even though the game was setting him up as the main antagonist of the story. For now, what we know of him are but words, and we didn’t get to see him actually do anything bad on his own.

6 Faye's Plans

The fandom is split over whether everything that happened in the story was just a manipulation. Half of the fans agree that Faye genuinely loved Kratos and Atreus; the other are convinced that Faye only used them to further her plans.

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As we found out, the Frost Giants foretold their revenge of Odin after their deaths, with Faye being prophesied to give birth to the one who would do so. She lied to Kratos that she was mortal, but Kratos chose to see the best in her and concluded Faye didn’t plan everything out. Unlike Kratos, we’re looking at the big picture, and it seems like there’s a whole lot we just don’t know about Faye’s truth.

5 Atreus's Role In Ragnarok

We might have considered those prophecies as the absolute truth had Kratos not made us second guess it by claiming the future would be what he and Atreus would make it. We have reason to believe too, considering Kratos killed the Sisters of Fate themselves in God of War II.

This still doesn’t give us an answer over what will be Atreus’ role in the future. The boy looks nothing like a warrior as of now, and the game raising this storyline only brings further theories from fans rather than the story bringing us answers.

4 Athena's Status

The game didn’t disappoint fans who wanted to see Kratos’ Greek roots shown. It didn’t linger on these moments, but did enough to keep us interested. Trouble is, what we saw only confused us.

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Athena appeared out of nowhere when Kratos put on the Blades of Chaos, implying she had been with Kratos the whole time as she had been in God of War III. Athena would then fade away from Kratos when he refused to be shaken by taunts, but it doesn’t answer whether it truly was Athena or just an hallucination. Regardless, we still don’t know what became of her after God of War III.

3 Kratos Haunted By Zeus

The Kratos we saw in this game was nothing like the one in God of War III. This one showed care not just for himself and his son, but for others too. This opens up the argument that Kratos regrets what he did earlier on.

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The question, then, is what Kratos was thinking during the times we saw Zeus. Kratos didn’t react with contempt when he saw him, but we can’t be sure how he was feeling. The game very expertly made us realize this, although it didn’t bother to convey to the player if Kratos was in fact being haunted by Zeus because he was regretful of killing his father.

2 Kratos And Faye's Love Story

Perhaps we could have let Faye off the hook for her scheming had we seen how she was before her death. The game only gave us snippets of her personality, where she was said to be a model wife; however, we didn’t find out how Kratos and Faye got together.

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Kratos mentioned that he was grieving her death, but we don’t know how Faye is in personality to know just what Kratos was grieving over. There were enough hints about their relationship for it to be a big deal, and the game did us injustice by not completing our idea of Faye and Kratos's love story.

1 Atreus's Descent To The Dark Side

While we do know that Atreus is foretold to bring the end of the Norse gods, we don’t know what version of Atreus this will be. He was brash, arrogant, and even murderous midway through the game when he found out he was a god, and it was only his guilt at landing Kratos and himself in Helheim that made him stop his ways.

This doesn’t mean that Atreus will still be the nice boy he was before he found out his truth, and there’s a chance the conniving, antagonistic Loki might come out and be the person that causes Ragnarok. All of this was just the storyline the game brought forward to us, but we don’t know what will become of it.

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