10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In God Of War PS4

The God of War series is a timeless classic among all hardcore players. The series follows a very complex storyline and is a beloved fan favorite. The game offers realistic landscapes, memorable enemies and many features that have previously been featured in the franchise. Overall, the game is refreshing and offers an opportunity to explore a new world. The game is so immersive that it's tasks, side quests, and challenging aspects providing content for days of gameplay. Like many other games it has its secrets, and because of that many players continuously search for them time and time again. Here are the 10 things you probably didn't know you could do in God of War.

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10 Unlimited XP

It's not uncommon for players to look for ways to cheat the system. Some of these cheats may not be obvious at first, but they do come in handy. Instead of waiting for certain aspects of a game, cheats can be used either to unlock certain areas or certain bosses. While it's not uncommon to find cheats for a game of this size it did seem a little difficult for players at first. To receive unlimited XP players would have to use the shield parry combination and loading checkpoint trick. This offers players the ability to unlock many more areas that are XP locked. While it may not be the most honorable way to gain XP it does certainly boost the rate at which the game can be progressed.

9 New Animations

Known for its brutal animation, God of War offers players extreme methods of executions. It is known that developers design the game to display the violence of the Spartans. However, many of these animations were repetitive and some lost their creativity after a couple of executions. While these finishers were undoubtedly great, most players ended up becoming bored of them, wishing to see something better. Players can trigger more animations by going through the skill tree and opening one of the close-combat skills, using the Leviathan ax they are able to trigger more animations. making the game a much more enjoyable experience without such repetitive content.

8 Get Help

While it may be a new addition to the game, Karato’s son, Atreus is an NPC that is worth looking up to. The character is not just someone who is essential to the story, he is also essential to combat and gameplay mechanics. The NPC is one of the best to deal with aerial enemies by offering quick attacks. This child is effective when taking down enemies in a quick manner that would save players a lot of time and effort. It comes to show just how well he was trained by his father and how well he will do in the future if the series continues as is. Atreus is one of the most valuable characters, and the developers did a great job of implementing him in the player's controls since he is just one click away from attacking.

7 Best Armor

God of War offers players a large variety of content. It is almost impossible to go wrong with the loot in this game, it is much more than ever before seen in a game of its magnitude and many of the drops are not recurring, meaning that players have the option of getting new items every time.

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Many of the armor items are found by doing side-quests, which means players will have to complete many side quests before they get their desired armor. To unlock a large portion of the game, players will have to find runes that let them go to Muspelheim and Niflheim where they can get what is considered the most powerful armor in the entire game.

6 Loot

Making up some of the most important items in the game is loot, loot is truly what makes up a large portion of the game since most enemies drop loot at a constant rate, it’s easily accessible to any and all players. This game, however, offers a much better constitution to the drop system. No longer will players have to worry about losing their loot after an enemy drops from a cliff or another high area that the player cannot traverse safely enough to actually get their loot. When an enemy is kicked or pushed off an area the loot is left on the platform where they dropped from, safe enough for the player to get it.

5 Spartan Rage

In this game the characters have very defining features, the main protagonist is defined by his Spartan rage. Spartan rage offers the character unlimited boosts that last a long time. Although he is no longer the same Spartan he was in previous games he still has characteristics that define him as a Spartan and others that make him seem more paternal.

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Other than this he also has rage mode, which can be combined with purchased abilities that deal massive damage that is useful as AOE damage or melee damage. The game allows players to continually upgrade skills that would seem too OP on their own.

4 The Infinity Gauntlet

We understand that recently Marvel and the Avengers have become a big deal. This might also be why an Easter egg was placed in the game. Available to all players is the Shattered Gauntlet of Ages. This item is an ancient relic that when players use it, it is able to deplete the enemy of 50 percent of their health. This weapon is considered one of the most OP in the whole game right next to the armor. Although to gain this armor, players have to find shards that are scattered all throughout the game. It may seem a little tedious for this type of power but people go to the ends of the galaxy.

3 More Challenges

The main protagonist is not afraid of some heavy combat. He looks for any reason to enter battle with anyone available. That is why it is no surprise that the game has extra bosses. These bosses are not directly linked to the story, but they do offer entertaining side quests and good loot the many players are looking for. Although these bosses are not unlocked until after the player has defeated the whole game, which may prove unreasonable. They are considered the hardest bosses in the game. Especially since players can challenge Sigrun, and see if they have what it takes to really be called Spartans.

2 Hello Old Friend

Diehard fans of God of War will remember the infamous Blades of Chaos, a staple to their main character. It may have been announced that these would not make an appearance in the game, however, they are implemented in the game. Players can unlock this deadly weapon after completing “hello old friend,” an achievement.

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While they can only be acquired towards the end of the game they are not the hardest item a player will ever have to get, these blades outrank any other weapon available; an offer that gives a player the nostalgic feeling of being able to butcher their enemies in a fury of rage.

1 Retrace your steps

It is always a good idea to continue playing even after you've completed the story. Open world games offer this experience, especially God of War. The developers encourage that you retrace your steps and areas that have never before explored by our protagonist. Many will find it difficult to do this but it will eventually turn out to be simple once you acquire the legendary items such as the Blades of Chaos and special arrows that will deal with any enemy that crosses your path. The game offers guidance through areas that will be highlighted in the map once the main story has been completed. It is a journey players should consider taking.

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