The 5 Best Armor Sets In God Of War PS4 (& The 5 Worst)

In the fantastic game God Of War, the player must obtain armor sets and upgrade them to strengthen and expand the character’s already considerable powers. Not all armor sets are equal and many might be powerful for certain builds and useless for others, but there are some that either rise to the top or fall to the bottom in terms of general usefulness.

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It should be noted that by far the most powerful armor sets in the game are found in New Game Plus, but this article will focus on the armor sets that will help you survive the main game in order to access New Game Plus.

10 Worst: Wolfskin

This armor set is the best of the common rarity, but it’s still the fifth-worst armor set in the game. In the very, very early parts of the game, the Wolfskin set grants some bonuses to defense, runic and strength stats that could be worth it for a few fights.

It grants 20 to strength, 17 to runic, and 34 to defense so it’s pretty well rounded in the early game. If you have to pick a common set go for this one. Otherwise, sell it for the Hacksilver and stick to better armor sets, it’s not worth upgrading.

9 Best: Fallen Ash

The Fallen Ash armor set is one of the best looking in the game (until you get to the Zeus and Ares sets in New Game Plus that is) and is an all-around great armor set to have. With 100 in defense and a 24 stat boost to strength, this armor will keep you alive and deal some serious damage.

What’s best about this armor though is the perk Retaliation of Fire that has a chance of dealing concussive burn damage to any enemy foolish enough to deal damage to you. It’s a great passive ability that can whittle down opponents as they attack and make your job a whole lot easier.

8 Worst: Viken

The gold trim makes this armor set feel like a step up from the other common sets, but honestly, it’s still pretty abysmal compared to almost everything else. It grants 43 defense and 10 vitality so it can keep you alive longer than a Wolfskin armor set, but is considered worse because you won't be doing a whole lot of damage back.

This somewhat spongy piece of common armor can be helpful if you have a good weapon and don’t need the strength or runic boosts, but really this shouldn’t be on your body very long and should only be in your inventory long enough to be carried to the store and sold.

7 Best: Valkyrie

This armor set is obtained after the player takes down the nine Valkyries found in the game. The three pieces will drop as a result of these battles providing the player with a strong set of armor. The Valkyrie set gives 40 strength, 30 runic, 139 defense, and 21 vitality.

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It’s admittedly not as durable as other armor sets, but what makes the Valkyrie set so powerful is its Arcane Runic ability. This perk gives the player a chance to decrease their cooldown by 57 when they use a runic ability, allowing players to use runic abilities more frequently in battle.

6 Worst: Reaver

Like the Viken set, but minus the gold trim, the Reaver set offers 24 defense at full upgrade and that’s it, there are no perks to strength, vitality, nothing. Spending time to upgrade this armor set is a tremendous waste of valuable Hacksilver.

On the bright side, it is a set of armor you’ll obtain naturally from playing the game and won’t get through any special quest or extensive farming. But you’ll be wanting something much better.

5 Best: Ivaldi’s Cursed Mist

Now here’s a piece of armor that’s a little more complicated to obtain and upgrade, but doing so gives you a tremendous advantage in the game. The Mist set of armor is obtained after farming Mist Echoes in the maze of Niflheim. This particular armor set is considered the weakest of the three variations.

It grants 46 strength, 112 runic, and 136 defense, but its true value is the constant health regeneration you obtain from wearing the armor. The reason it doesn’t rank higher is that it lacks a boost in vitality, which means you aren’t as spongy. But make no mistake this is a fantastic set of armor.

4 Worst: Boar Hide

This armor set is very, very basic. At its max upgrade, it provides 30 strength and 10 defense. Admittedly the strength bonus is very valuable and on par with stronger armor sets, but the defense stat and lack of other critical stats or perks mean you better hope your strikes drop the enemy quick or you’ll feel the retaliation.

Skilled players can make this armor’s strength bonus work to their advantage, but most new players will die too quickly to really take full advantage of it. In the beginning of the game as a new player, it’s better to stick to more durable armor types and sell this as quick as you can.

3 Best: Ivaldi’s Endless Mist

The second best variation of the Mist armor set is Ivaldi’s Endless Mist. It grants 46 strength, 156 defense, and 70 to vitality. This armor is better for straight forward fighting builds and grants the incredibly useful health regeneration like the other Mist armor sets.

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The reason it doesn’t rank higher is that it lacks any bonuses to Runic abilities. Runic powers are very strong attacks that if properly invested in can make the player nearly unstoppable and capable of delivering brutal damage towards the end of the game and this armor just doesn’t provide any bonus for it.

2 Worst: Exile

By far the worst armor in the game belongs to the default armor set you start the game with. It offers 8 defense and nothing else. This is the worst armor rating in the game and you are unable to upgrade it beyond it’s starting level one status.

It is free and it’s better than nothing in the opening acts of the game, but the only players who’ll wear this long term are those looking to do a special challenge run or fools. Anything, absolutely anything is better than these armor pieces so swap them out as soon as you can.

1 Best: Ivaldi’s Deadly Mist

By far the best armor set in the main game is Ivaldi’s Deadly Mist set. It provides 72 strength, 56 runic, 146 defense, and 40 vitality. Along with the familiar Regenerating Essence perk that puts a constant healing effect on your character.

The reason this is the best armor set in the game is that the stats are the most balanced, meaning any build type can pick this up and do well. Sure, a case could be made for why another armor set might be more valuable to a specific build, but this works for them all.

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