God of War Portable Collection for PS3

Sony has been on a roll with its HD remakes of old PS2 titles and the God of War Collection was a must have for fans of the series – or those who never experienced the originals. While remakes of PS2 games makes sense it looks like Sony is trying something different in the Eastern markets.

Rumor out of Asia is that Sony of Taiwan has announced the God of War Portable Collection for PS3.

This one is going to get filed under ‘Rumor’ until some additional, more official, info is released. However there are some screenshots of the game that look pretty convincing.

That said, why is Sony giving the HD treatment to PSP games – and will this be coming to the US? It’s possible with the recent release of the 3DS and the upcoming release of the NGP that Sony is attempting to squeeze some extra money out of its popular PSP titles. The game company is probably testing the water in Asia – to see how successful this, and any future, ports will be.

Reportedly, PS3 owners in Asia will be able to get their hands on HD remakes of the two critically acclaimed PSP titles on July 7th. It’s unknown if the collection will be made available for download via PSN or on through a retail disc – either way, we do know that the games will see a graphical upgrade.

Check out the screenshot below:

God of War Portable Collection Minotaur

Whether or not this collection comes to the US will probably depend on how much buzz it generates after it launches in Asia. No doubt Sony is testing the new release model out in that region before bringing it here in the states. That is, if they decide to bring it to the US at all.

The cost of releasing the games here would outweigh the benefits (given that the games have been available on the PSP for a long time – and localizing them for U.S. markets would take a good amount of manpower). Though, if the collection were available for the NGP, it could be very beneficial for Sony’s launch of the new handheld. Like we need any more reasons to buy it.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta was a personal favorite, and while the idea of playing it in HD is intriguing, its unlikely that, given the bar set by God of War 3, that loads of players will jump at the chance to purchase (or repurchase the games).

Hardcore fans of the series and those who never owned a PSP will probably pick them up – but it’s unlikely this will be a huge seller.

Would you pick up the God of War Portable Collection if it launches in the U.S. on PS3?

Source: The Magic Box