Rumor: God of War III Has Cooperative Play?

Now that Modern Warfare 2 has been released, we've got a little more time to start speculating on future blockbuster titles. Today, Nick McCandless of The Gamer Access is reporting that God of War III will feature cooperative gameplay elements. The story is tagged as "official" but the validity of the information is certainly contentious.

McCandless claims that after completing the demo, he logged into a Sony site that educates retail employees about future titles. According to the article, a questionnaire for God of War III contained the question: "Will God of War III have online cooperative modes?" with a corresponding "Yes" answer. A screen-grab is included in the article, though its authenticity is certainly questionable.

Back in October, Stig Asmussen, director of God of War III at SCE Studios Santa Monica, spoke with GamePro and denied that God of War III would have multiplayer: "With God of War III, there's a story we want to tell and an experience we want to deliver, and multiplayer doesn't fit into that." Though, he focused his comments more on the single player campaign, "Imagine two Kratos characters running around at the same time. Once you do that, the story becomes something more about an experience between two players and less about something that we're scripting."

It's easy to dismiss McCandless' claims as fiction, and it wouldn't be the first time a site has started a large-scale rumor to drum up web traffic, but the actual notion of online cooperative gameplay in God of War III isn't entirely far-fetched. There has to be a certain amount of pressure on a game of that magnitude to offer some form of online connectivity. It's equally important to note that cooperative gameplay doesn't mean gamers will be playing through the campaign mode with a friend. A more likely outcome would be the availability of cooperative challenge rooms such as a horde arena where you and a friend would fight-off waves of mythological creatures for leader-board fame - which wouldn't compromise the "scripted experience" that Asmussen mentioned.

Regardless of the validity of this particular rumor, I'm sure there are still a number of surprises in store for God of War fans before the game's release in March.

Will we see multiplayer features in God of War III? Would you be excited for them?

God of War III has a scheduled March 2010 release date.

Sources: The Gamer Access, GamePro

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