Kratos is back. Officially announced yesterday, by the game’s director Todd Papy, God of War: Ascension will be the next addition to the PS3 exclusive God of War series. Ascension will take us back before the beginning as a prequel to the classic trilogy of our tragic anti-hero.

Although the official announcement was marked for yesterday, previous hints and job postings have been leading toward this day for quite some time.

Earlier this week, the game was prematurely outed by a South African retailer who spilled the beans – and not only was the announcement spoiled, the official teaser trailer was leaked as well. How could Sony make up for all the this leaked marketing information?

Thankfully for Sony, they still had one trick up their sleeve. On Monday, April 30th at 8am PST, a live streaming event will take place, giving gamers a preview of the bloody goodness that will be God of War: Ascension. Papy will also be hosting the event and answering questions about the game.

We’re sure there are many questions that have been tossed around, especially since the game is a prequel rather than an expected sequel. Anyone who is interested in getting their questions answered can Tweet them over to @PlayStation – be sure to use #GodOfWarAscension in your tweet! If your questions is answered during the show, they’ll send you a signed God of War: Ascension poster.

God of War Ascension Sony Amazon Tease

Could the rumors of a God of War multiplayer mode be revealed? How far back will the story take place? What gods will we be seeing in this epic adventure? Many questions will, no doubt, be presented and we are looking forward to the answers.

That said, if you’re already sold on the game, Best Buy is now be taking pre-orders through Facebook.

What questions would you like to see answered during the live streaming event and what are you most looking forward to story-wise with this prequel?

Speculation says that God of War: Ascension should be out in 2013, but no official word on a release date. We’ll keep you posted on the latest updates as soon as they develop!

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