Just days ago at Paris Games Week, Sony and Santa Monica Studio wowed fans by revealing more God of War combat gameplay in a new trailer. It seems the companies aren’t done with teasing the upcoming game, as a new video appears to hint at a potential boss battle.

As part of the ongoing “Lost Pages of Norse Myth” series which tells fans a little bit more about God of War‘s lore, the tale of “The Dead Stone Mason” has now been revealed. According to the video, there once was a giant stonemason named Thamur who was engaged in a bitter dispute with Thor, the God of Thunder. Not interested in fighting, Thamur began to build a wall around his homeland of Jotunheimr, protecting himself and the other inhabitants from Thor’s “campaign of destruction.”

But Thamur could not complete the task alone and when he asked his son to help him, the warrior-minded youngster refused and the two began to fight. The battle ended in a chase, but Thamur got lost in Midgard, the “Realm of Mysteries,” and when the stonemason bellowed out, his cries caught Thor’s attention.

Thor easily defeated the giant, who fell on his own chisel. The freezing energy released from Thamur engulfed the area in ice and the giant’s body is still there now as a reminder of Thor’s “brutality.”

With the God of War series ditching Greek mythology for a Norse setting, it stands to reason that Santa Monica Studio will make full use of that history. And since Thor is clearly an antagonist in Kratos’ world, it stands to reason that the two men could come to blows in an epic boss battle.

There are no guarantees that this will happen but it would line up with other rumors and speculation from fans about the game’s narrative. A popular theory about Kratos’ son Atreus is that the boy’s mother is Sif, who was famously betrothed to Thor.


This is consistent with actual Norse lore as Sif had a son named Ullr and although Thor was that boy’s stepfather, his biological father was unknown.

Kratos being Ullr/Atreus’ father would fit nicely into that pre-existing history, and if Kratos and Thor do battle it out, it would make some sense. Thor would be furious that his wife has had a child with another man and the entire series is based on Kratos fighting with gods that he has managed to annoy.

Moreover, the E3 2017 trailer for the game confirmed that Kratos is allied to the World Serpent, Jörmungandr. According to Norse mythology, Thor and Jörmungandr are arch-enemies. Perhaps Kratos will defend the World Serpent when Thor tries to kill it.

Santa Monica Studios says that God of War fans have only seen a “sliver” of the game so far, also teasing that it will reveal more soon. Hopefully, that reveal will come with confirmation of a Kratos vs. Thor boss battle.

God of War will be released in 2018, exclusively on PS4.