God of War: Kratos Voice Actor Says Game Releases in 2018


While God of War is one of the most anticipated games coming to the PS4 at present, we've heard very little about when the game is finally due to release. Though both Sony and developer Santa Monica Studio have kept the launch date secret up until this point, the voice actor for Kratos himself claims that the game will be releasing next year.

According to the Twitter profile of voice actor Christopher Judge, the upcoming God of War has a 2018 release date. The talented artist confirmed his role as the "Ghost of Sparta" in June last year, taking over from Terrence Carson who did the voice work for the previous games in the series.


Game director Cory Barlog on the other hand, is still being subtle when it comes to discussing the release date. When asked to give a definite launch period by a fan, the dev replied "it will be done when it is done." Although this is the mindset we wish a lot of developers would adhere to, the news that the game will not be releasing in 2017 after all is sure to be a disappointment to many.

Of course, this date is not set in stone and is yet to be officially confirmed, so the news is worth taking with a pinch of salt. After all, it's certainly a big contradiction to the recent leaked listing on Portuguese site Gaming Replay which claimed that the game would launch in September this year.

All sorts of rumors are currently circling the internet as fans wait desperately for news of the returning series, including a recent claim that the title may contain a multiplayer aspect to accompany its story mode. It wouldn't be the first God of War game to contain more than just a single-player experience, and we're sure that a lot of players would be very happy with an online game mode returning to the series.

God of War has no official release date as of yet.

Source: Twitter

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