GR Pick: Blacksmith Brings ‘God of War’ Blades of Chaos to Life

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You know your starting weapon is a hit when players begin making an effort to avoid the alternatives. Lara Croft has her twin pistols, Dante his Ebony and Ivory, Master Chief the scoped handgun and Gordon Freeman his iconic crowbar. They, and hundreds of items just like them have all attained a twisted kind of immortality over time, yet few can claim to match the sheer, exaggerated body counts of God of War‘s own Blades of Chaos.

Bound to the arms of sneering anti-hero Kratos, these chained blades create a fiery whirlwind of destruction, cleaving gods and ghouls alike with their razor-sharp, gore-splattered steel. Like most iconic implements of death and doom, fans have been lusting after these Ares-made blades ever since the God of War series began, and now thanks to YouTube’s own Man At Arms, that wish is one step closer to reality.

A master blacksmith with years of experience providing replica weapons for the entertainment industry, Tony Swatton is now the star of his very own web series. Man At Arms reproduces some of film, television and gaming’s greatest armaments, with this week’s episode revolving around Kratos’ famed set of cleavers.

God of War RL Blades of Chaos

Given the difficulties involved in producing a new episode every two weeks, not to mention the redundancy of crafting two identical daggers, Swatton opts to create just the one Blade of Chaos here. Following a lengthy smithing period, the giant-sized scythe receives a brief field test, smashing everything from porcelain heads to misplaced melons. For an in-depth look at the crafting process in action, check out the all-new video above.

Speaking of the series, Kratos’ latest adventure — an underwhelming prequel project titled God of War: Ascension— released to a tepid commercial response earlier this year. A follow up has yet to be officially announced by Sony Santa Monica, though Lead Designers Mark Simon and Jason McDonald have reassured fans that there’s plenty of life left in the old franchise — with many more features, characters and mythical monsters yet to be implemented.

Which iconic video game weapon would you most want to wield? Are the Blades of Chaos your go-to armament, or an underpowered jack-of-all-trades? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check in with all of the latest God of War news, right here on Game Rant.


New episodes of Man At Arms air every other Monday. To check out previous installments, including detailed recreations of Assassin’s Creed IVKingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 7 weapons, follow this link.

Kratos’ latest outing — God of War: Ascension is out now for PlayStation 3.

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