God of War Sequel Tease Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight for Months

god of war director teases ragnarok for next game

God of War was one of the highest-rated games of 2018, and stands as one of the most successful PS4 exclusives to date. Fans are undoubtedly excited to see what's next for the God of War franchise, and while we may be quite a ways off from the sequel, a newly-discovered tease from game director Cory Barlog may offer an idea of what to expect from the sequel.

As spotted by Reddit user Kayfriso, Cory Barlog's pinned tweet thread spells out "Ragnarok is Coming" when one takes the first letter of each tweet. This could be an indication that the next God of War game will in fact deal with the Norse apocalypse Ragnarok, especially since this isn't the first time that Ragnarok has been teased for the sequel.

Earlier this year, Sony released a new God of War PS4 theme that also included the words "Ragnarok is Coming," further cementing the theory that the next God of War game will deal with Ragnarok in some way. Meanwhile, the end of God of War potentially reveals even more about what the sequel will have in store. Please note that the rest of this article will have spoilers for 2018's God of War.

The God of War ending leaves three big plot points that will almost certainly be followed up in the next game. This includes the mural that depicts a dying Kratos and the reveal that Atreus is Loki. Another big plot point that will likely be featured in the next God of War is the appearance of Thor.

If God of War players return to Kratos' home after wrapping up the story, they are treated to an extra scene where Atreus has a nightmare about the arrival of Odin's son, Thor. It's possible that the confrontation between Kratos, Atreus, and Thor, and the inevitable showdown with Odin as well, will be the events that trigger Ragnarok.

But that's just speculation at this time. With the PS4 nearing the end of its life cycle, it's likely that the next God of War will be on the PS5, so fans may have to wait years to find out what it will be about.

God of War is out now, exclusively for the PS4.

Source: Reddit

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