Ahead of its 2018 release, Sony continues to reveal more and more tidbits about God of War. In addition to revealing that the upcoming PS4 exclusive is the ‘most brutal’ game in the series yet, the company has now published a new set of God of War concept art.

The latest batch of God of War art was unlocked after fans deciphered a set of runes. The phrase was ‘Realm of Mysteries,’ fans successfully figured out, seeing the PlayStation Twitter account reward them with some concepts of Midgard.

In one somewhat haunting image Kratos and his son make their way through a valley and in another a rickety old bridge covered in moss looks gorgeous but less than inviting. There’s also a striking image of Kratos and Atreus traveling passing by some large sculptures and another in which the titular lead stands under the canopy in a forest, watching an animal in the distance.

The tweet also points to an interactive God of War book which in turn leads players to a few more concept art images. The book includes an image of Kratos holding his son back from a horde of menacing enemies and this could be one of the parenting choices that God of War players will have to make on behalf of the lead. A towering behemoth seems to tower in the distance, but it’s unclear whether this character is friend or foe.

The interactive book also offers more information about Midgard. A brief description explains that “speaking runes aloud invokes a mystic power,” and that “visions of Midgard, the realm of many mysteries, forms before your eyes.” The new God of War could teach players a thing or two about Norse mythology, it seems. Some were hesitant about the decision to move away from Greek inspiration but if Sony Santa Monica is making good use of the new setting – as the concept art suggests – then fans have nothing to worry about.

The concept art and the clues from the book may leave fans with many more questions than answers, but there is still a short while to go until God of War is released. That leaves developer Sony Santa Monica with plenty of time to keep teasing the game’s secrets, its features and its chilling but beautiful locations. Hopefully much more concept art will be revealed in that time too.

God of War will be released in 2018 exclusively on PS4.

Source: PlayStation