God of War Will Offer Performance Mode for Smoother PS4 Pro Gameplay


God of War director Cory Barlog has confirmed that the upcoming PS4 exclusive will feature a performance mode for the PS4 Pro. Although Barlog was on social media touting the 4K visuals of God of War, he assured an inquisitive fan that the game would offer an option for smoother gameplay for those that want it.

Given that God of War is a Sony-published title and a PS4 exclusive it only makes sense for the game to give PS4 Pro owners a variety of options. Last year’s major PS4 release, Horizon: Zero Dawn, also featured a toggle where players could choose between dedicating the PS4 Pro’s power to visuals or performance.

Performance mode, or whatever Sony Santa Monica chooses to call the visual mode, will presumably let players prioritize frame rate when playing God of War. According to Barlog, this will offer a smoother visual presentation, although the visuals might not be as crisp if the player favors resolution.

As more and more gamers begin to upgrade their consoles to a PS4 Pro or an Xbox One X, developers are beginning to give players the option of where to dedicate the extra horsepower. Since these games still need to run on the base models of console, the developers can’t fully utilize the upgraded consoles’ hardware, but they can use it to give a little better picture or a little better frame rate.

Early reports of God of War suggest that the game will run at 30fps on PS4, but the PS4 Pro might deliver a little more stable 30 fps but 60fps is unlikely. Some games that do feature a performance mode try to up the frame rate to the 60fps standard, but most use it for a little extra stability.

If nothing else, knowing there is a performance mode gives those PS4 Pro owners without a 4K TV something to look forward to. Getting a little extra power out of an upgraded console helps justify the purchase of a Pro and hopefully, like Barlog claims, the gameplay experience is a little smoother.

God of War releases April 20, 2018 for PS4.

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