5 God Of War PS4 Fan Theories That Could Be True (& 5 We Hope Aren’t)

God of War was one of the greatest video games of 2018, and arguably one of the greatest games of this console generation. As such, it has received a massive fan following. Yes, the God of War series already had a huge following, but this game added even more devout followers to the famous, and timeless, series.

Naturally, as with any piece of fictional entertainment with a large following, numerous fan theories have been put forth surrounding the lore, world, and characters of God of War. Some of them are interesting. Some...not so much.

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These are five fan theories that could be true, and five we hope aren't.

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10 Could Be True: The Giants Will Return

One popular fan theory that sounds amazing is that Faye's ashes will resurrect the dormant giants. One Redditor by the name of u/Illusionnist posits that the giants of Jötunheim are not dead, but merely sleeping due to some unexplained spell. This explains why Faye wanted her ashes spread over Jötunheim - to resurrect these dormant giants. This may also explain why Faye's ashes glow - they imbue some type of magical properties to help in the resurrection. Another Redditor, u/-TheSwoosh-, tells that Norse mythology claims that "after fimbulwinter, three roosters will crow and wake the giants." We think they're onto something here...

9 Hope Not: Atreus Will Kill Kratos

One of the biggest themes of the God of War series is toxic relationships between father and son. Zeus killed his father, and Kratos killed Zeus. Therefore, it only stands to reason that Atreus will continue this cycle of fratricide and kill Kratos at some time in the future. Of course, this cycle of violence may have ended thanks to Kratos' teachings and his involvement in his son's upbringing. However, it could very well go the other way, especially considering Kratos's lack of compassion and Atreus's growing resentment and temper. We will have to wait and see, but it's entirely possible that we will be playing as Atreus in future games...

8 Could Be True: Atreus Is The World Serpent's Father

We never really get a good idea as to where the World Serpent came from - according to the game, it just kind of appeared one day. He also mentions that Atreus seems familiar, even though the two have never met. This is a BIG clue as to who Atreus is in relation to the World Serpent. Later in the game, we learn that the World Serpent will be sent back in time during Ragnarok. It's entirely possible that the World Serpent we see is the one that has been sent back and that he had met Atreus at some point in the future. Their bond is deepened when you consider that Loki (Atreus) is the World Serpent's father in Norse mythology. This is referenced in the mural seen at the end of the game, when the Serpent can be seen emerging from Loki's mouth. This connection hasn't been confirmed in game, but come on, the signs are all there...

7 Hope Not: Kratos Blew Out His Voice

We're not sure if you noticed, but Kratos's voice is much deeper in 2018's God of War than it was in all previous entries. Naturally, there is a theory surrounding this - Kratos blew out his vocal chords with all the yelling in the previous games and now can barely speak. We don't know about you, but we hate this theory. It's possible that Kratos's voice change simply indicates and symbolizes his age and newfound maturity. It's possible they wanted to make Kratos more menacing and "dad like." Or it was nothing more than a change in voice actors. Anything is better than "Kratos blew his voice out." That really lessens the impact of the character, now, doesn't it?

6 Could Be True: Freya Will Return As A Valkyrie

It basically goes without saying that Freya will return as a boss Valkyrie in the next game. It's established that Freya was once Queen of the Valkyries, until she called it off with Odin and had her wings stripped in retaliation. She's also...well, a little mad about the whole you killing Baldur thing, and she swears vengeance on Kratos before departing. Finally, we learn in the end game that Freya visited Mimir and asked him where her old Valkyrie wings were hidden. Why would she want those? To wreak vengeance on Kratos, of course! This all adds up a little too perfectly, and it is all but guaranteed that Freya will return in the next game, with some fancy new wings to aid in her quest for vengeance.

5 Hope Not: The Return Of Magni And Modi

Magni and Modi were two of the most popular characters of the game, as they were voiced by legendary voice actors Nolan North and Troy Baker. That said, their time has come and gone. One theory posits that Magni and Modi will return for Ragnarok. Magni's soul may be sent to Valhalla by the Valkyries once they resumed their duties, and Modi may have survived his stabbing and fall.

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You know what they say - a character is never dead until we see it on screen. Since the next game should concern Ragnarok, it's entirely possible that the two return to fight for their father, Odin. This would reek of fan service, and it would plague the game with a sense of repetition. New game, new enemies, as far as we're concerned.

4 Could Be True: Kratos Will Yield Mjolnir

God of War Cory Barlog microtransactions

Upon hearing the news that God of War will be influenced by Norse mythology, many fans immediately jumped to the obvious conclusion - Kratos will kill Thor. One popular theory suggests that God of War 2 (or whatever it will be called) will feature an epic battle between Kratos and Thor, culminating in the destruction of the Leviathan Axe and/or Blades of Chaos. Kratos will then physically overpower Thor and take control of Mjolnir before crushing his head with the unbelievably heavy hammer. It also helps that Mjolnir, like the Leviathan Axe, returns to its sender after being thrown, so gameplay mechanics shouldn't differ too drastically!

3 Hope Not: Kratos Is Tyr


Tyr is the son of Odin and the Norse god of war, law, and honor. In other words, he is the God of War. In terms of the video game, Tyr worked with Kratos's wife Faye and was responsible for hiding the gate to Jötunheim. One theory suggests that Kratos is Tyr. Why, you mask? Because his temple is easily manipulated by Kratos (like he designed it himself), because Kratos was close to Faye (you know, being her husband and all), and because his armor perfectly fits Kratos. We admit that some of these points seem suspicious (especially the armor thing), but revealing Kratos to be Tyr would be a MAJOR curveball that wouldn't really make logical sense. We really hope this one isn't true.

2 Could Be True: The Canoe Will Turn Into Naglfar

One of the most prominent elements of God of War is canoeing. Kratos and Atreus canoe around the world, looking for new areas to explore and just chatting about whatever comes up throughout their journey. Because the canoe plays such a prominent role in the game, some people think that it will eventually become even MORE prominent and important - and eventually turn into Naglfar. In Norse mythology, Naglfar is a boat made of the fingernails and toenails of the dead. Not only that, but it is used during Ragnarok to transport those who do battle with the gods. We don't know about you, but that sounds like a lot of fun...

1 Hope Not: Kratos Is Borr

For those unfamiliar with Norse mythology (like we were, before consulting good old Wikipedia), Borr is a Norse God and the father of Odin. Naturally, some players automatically link Kratos to Borr, because...North mythology or something. Some people who researched Borr noticed that he bore (heh) a striking resemblance to 2018 Kratos. He's muscular, and...uh...he has a beard. Yep, that's about it. Naturally, some conspiracy theorists began to think that Kratos WAS Borr, or at least some type of incarnation of the God. However, this would absolutely zero sense, so we really hope it's not true. We're 99.9% sure it isn't.

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