God of War Development is an 'Emotional Meat Grinder' Reveals Game Director

God of War development release date

God of War game director Cory Barlog reveals the difficult daily development of the game. The director's comments come amidst rumors and speculation about the God of War release date.

Asked by a fan how development on the upcoming PS4 exclusive is going, Barlog called it a "daily emotional meat grinder." Though the developer said that things are "going well" and that he feels "very good about what [the development team is] doing."  It's unclear exactly what causes such an emotional struggle on the game, though as God of War features Kratos' son, it could be that the father-son bonding scenes pull at the developer's heartstrings.

Continuing to respond to fans on social media, Barlog answered whether the game will have a "BIG" level of narrative, saying that he "really only work[s] on games with a heavy narrative focus." The game director added that "[having a better lore than previous games in the series] is my goal, but all of you will really be the judge. This team is just damn incredible, though, so my confidence is high." At one point, it was believed that God of War would have multiplayer, so fans of the series' story will be glad to know that even if the game does offer content besides its single player campaign, the developer is still focused on having a strong narrative.

Barlog even found time to discuss the God of War release date – using Nordic runes. When a fan requested that Barlog tell them the game's release date, Barlog apparently said that "I wish I could but I don't know yet sorry." This is incredibly disappointing, not just because fans want to know when the game is out, but because it brings about confusion regarding the release. While some release date leaks suggest that it could be out this year, an actor for the game has suggested it has been delayed until 2018.

With a date not known internally, it means it's also unlikely that the launch date will be confirmed during Sony E3 2017 press conference either. Though, fingers crossed that some fresh God of War gameplay will be revealed regardless.

God of War is in development for PS4.

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