God of War Director Confirms No Season Pass

God of War Has No Season Pass

The director of the in-development God of War title for PlayStation 4 responded on Twitter today to a fan's question regarding a potential Season Pass. Cory Barlog confirmed that the upcoming third-person action game will not be featuring a Season Pass. Barlog doesn't expound on the topic past that, however, leaving room for the possibility of God of War DLC unrelated to a Season Pass.

The likelihood of God of War featuring a Season Pass was never particularly high, but the news will still be refreshing to many game players. Sony hasn't utilized a Season Pass style of post-launch content for first-party titles for some time. Though PlayStation 4 exclusives like Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and MLB: The Show 17 have each taken different approaches to post-launch content, whether that be DLC releases of varied size or larger expansion content.

Since God of War has no multiplayer planned and it isn't the kind of structured open world that would benefit from smaller cosmetic DLC offerings, only one sort of post-launch content makes much sense. A medium-to-large size story expansion, not unlike Horizon: Zero Dawn's Frozen Wilds expansion, would make sense. Alternatively, God of War could just as easily pass on releasing any DLC whatsoever. Prior God of War titles never needed DLC or expansions, after all.

That's not to say Sony Santa Monica and Cory Barlog don't have plenty of stories to tell in God of War, Kratos-related or not. Barlog has already been quoted as saying he's planned several stories beyond this year's God of War release. There's room for a story-based expansion to God of War of Sony chooses, it just apparently won't come in Season Pass form.

God of War is planned to release this spring exclusively on PlayStation 4. Expect more information on the game's release date in the weeks to come.

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