God of War Won't Have Microtransactions


Today, Sony and Santa Monica Studio caused God of War fans to rejoice after the companies decided to officially reveal that the forthcoming action-adventure epic will receive its very own limited edition PS4 Pro. Now, it looks as if even more good news has come out following this reveal, as the game's director, Cory Barlog, has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 exclusive will not feature microtransactions.

As seen below in the exchange between Barlog and a God of War fan on Twitter, the user with the handle "@deviance23" asked the director if the game will have microtransactions or offer the ability for people to spend real world money for in-game outfits. Much to the relief of God of War fans around the globe, Barlog then enthusiastically responded to confirm such features will be absent, stating, "No freakin way!!!"

There's no doubt that God of War's eschewing of microtransactions will be seen as a propitious piece of evidence that Sony and Santa Monica Studio intend to release the game as a product that's geared not only toward long-time fans of the franchise, but also newcomers who are exhausted by the current landscape of releases that include in-game purchases. Players looking forward to the title already received a similar bit of fortunate news that God of War won't have a season pass.

Bearing all of this in mind, it looks as if Sony and Santa Monica Studio are confident enough in the prospective sales of God of War to allow it to be an experience untainted by the modern industry practice of nickel-and-diming its fans for additional profits. Even though this form of revenue collection appears to be the future of gaming, most, if not all God of War fans will surely be thankful to learn that it won't be incorporated into the forthcoming sequel.

God of War is set to release on April 20, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

Source: Cory Barlog – Twitter

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