New 'God of War' Is In the Works

God of War Job Listing

Job postings are a necessary, but often troublesome, outlet for companies to find employees. They are a viable source for finding talent, but being on the Internet leaves them open to the world, often presenting information companies may not want to be public. Now, Sony Santa Monica has posted a request for a Senior Staff Concept Artist for a project listed simply as “God of War.” Could this be the next big title in the series?

There have already been hints that God of War 4 is in production, including a resume posting a few months ago, and later UKs Official PlayStation Magazine announced that a sequel was indeed coming back to consoles and would feature multi-player.

At this point the title appears to be in the early stages of development since the God of War Team is looking for conceptual artists. The job listing doesn’t give much else away, even listing the game’s platform as just “PlayStation.” No indication is given as to whether this is a console or handheld title, leaving the Vita (or maybe the PS4) as a possible platform.

A once-over on the official Sony PlayStation job boards doesn't reveal any other God of War listings. Since the game is in early development, that comes as no surprise. Plus, most gaming companies like to play their cards close to the chest until there is an official announcement.

It isn’t clear if this job posting is for a proper sequel or not, but something set in the God of War universe is most definitely coming down the pipeline. This news comes just after the announcement of a possible Sony Smash Bros. clone, rumored to feature Kratos as a playable character. If everything proves true, then fans soon might have more God of War than they can shake a Spartan at.

What do you think, or hope, this title will be? Let the speculations fly!


Source: Creative Heads


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