God of War Ascension Manticore Trailer

If there’s one thing that the God of War series has proven, it’s that a great hero needs enemies just as impressive to make his exploits worth playing through. With Kratos’ latest adventure, God of War: Ascension, he’ll be adding to the ranks of bested mythical creatures the likes of The Furies, and even the fearsome monstrosity known as The Manticore.

Of course, while the Ghost of Sparta may be slashing his way through Greek mythology, there are still a few legendary creatures he has yet to oppose. Rather than simply looking at the fiercest, or most well-known mythical creatures, we’re focused on a few we’d like Kratos to fight for different reasons.

We don’t know if Ascension, or even God of War 4 will help our dreams come true, but here’s our list of 5 Mythical Creatures Kratos Should Fight Next.

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