God of War to Feature Multiplayer?


According to a job listing on the Sony Santa Monica Studio's website, it looks as if the forthcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title, God of War, could contain a multiplayer component in some capacity or another. As it happens, the God of War job listing calls for an adept senior multiplayer programmer who wants "all players to have the best possible shared experience."

While this doesn't officially confirm the actuality of the upcoming God of War game having a multiplayer mode, it does certainly point to the possibility of it happening, as it wouldn't be the first instance of the franchise containing such a feature. As a matter of fact, the PlayStation 3 title, God of War: Ascension, had a multiplayer portion that allowed players to create their own Greek characters to do battle against various monsters in both a competitive and a cooperative mode.


Of course, while God of War: Ascension stuck to familiar conventions in terms of the camera's fixed, floating perspective found throughout previous entries in the franchise, should the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive have a multiplayer mode, it would likely work in a completely different fashion, as the developers at Santa Monica Studio have opted to have the camera's placement be in a third-person, over-the-shoulder perspective, as seen in its E3 2016 gameplay footage. With that being the case, it's possible for the studio to take design cues from the multiplayer in Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and apply the ideas to the potential mode in GoW, but again, all of this is speculation.

About a year ago, God of War's director Cory Barlog stated that the new game would have no multiplayer, but that doesn't mean he and his team can't change their minds, as the process of creation– no matter what the project–calls for a multitude of revisions and refinements. Then again, there's also the possibility that the job listing is for a completely different entry in the GoW franchise altogether that's planned to come out way later down the line.

All things considered, it will be interesting to see if God of War goes on to include a multiplayer mode, as there is certainly potential there to make room for added depth to gameplay beyond the title's story campaign. That said, though, with the majority of the entries in the franchise focusing primarily on story, making a multiplayer component for the next installment could detract from the potency of the plot, as the developer will not be laser focused on the game's narrative between Kratos and his son.

God of War is currently in development for PlayStation 4.

Source: Santa Monica Studio

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