Considering the action on display in Santa Monica Studio’s God of War E3 2017 trailer, it definitely appears as if the forthcoming title will have plenty of intense combat moments and gory beat downs for which the franchise is known. Bearing this in mind, if Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Vice President of Marketing, Asad Qizilbash, is accurate in a recent statement he made regarding the sequel, then it is set to be the “most brutal” game in the series so far.

Qizilbash’s declaration of God of War‘s ultimate brutality in the action-adventure franchise came during an interview during GameStop Expo 2017 in Las Vegas, and can be found at the 5:36:30 mark in the video below. Those who wish to hear the full interview with Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Vice President of Marketing – some of which doesn’t necessarily pertain to God of War at all – can do so starting at 5:30:30.

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One of the main reasons as to why God of War will be more “brutal” than its predecessors is in its changes to combat, as it’s no longer a fight with Kratos against many at one time, but it’s more so focused on 1v1 brawls or 1v2 scenarios. By doing this, Santa Monica Studio intends to make the action between the Ghost of Sparta and his enemies more personal, strategic, and visceral, with more of a close-up look at combat due to there being no classic camera cuts from the series, as the player’s view is now situated in an over-the-shoulder perspective.

To counterbalance God of War‘s brutality, it has also been said that differently from the previous games of the series, one of Santa Monica Studio’s main goals in telling the upcoming title’s story involves the developer wanting players to care for Kratos in between the more chaotic and bloody moments. After all, the protagonist now has his son Atreus traveling alongside him. So, as a father, he has even more agency at this point, as well as a reason to temper his murderous fury in a bid to instill some semblance of grace and wisdom within his progeny.

According to Qizilbash, Santa Monica Studio has a “phenomenal” team working on God of War, which gives Sony confidence in the quality of the product. Furthermore, the SIE marketing VP explains that early footage has been showing that the developers are in “the right place,” and it gives him the feeling that people – fans of the franchise in particular – are going to be more than impressed with the final results. So, while we wait for God of War‘s launch early next year, one can only hope that Santa Monica Studio exceeds fans’ expectations and sets a new bar for the franchise.

God of War is slated to release sometime in early 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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