PS4 players were given a lot to enjoy during Sony’s Paris Games Week 2017 showcase. The company presented a new trailer for God of War, highlighting the game’s combat and how Kratos and his son Atreus interact in battle. Fans were impressed by the gameplay clip, but developer Sony Santa Monica says that it is just a “sliver” of what’s to come.

Studio head Shannon Studstill says that “What you witnessed in God of War’s new Paris Games Week trailer is a smidgeon – a sliver – of the unflinching, intense, brutal, and often empowering new combat in God of War.” The developer is “barely scratching the surface here on our new combat system,” but Studstill adds that Santa Monica Studio has been “laboring tirelessly” on it.

Fans have already been surprised by the series’ change of pace and the shift from Greek mythology to Norse. The encounter with the World Serpent from the game’s E3 2017 trailer was unexpected, but fans will be glad to know that God of War has lots more in store.


For example, Studstill explains that God of War features “strategic decisions you’ll be forced to make mid-combat are your keys to survival.” The PGW trailer highlights that in a small way, as Atreus points out an explosive cask that hangs above the Draugr, allowing Kratos to knock it down and deal mass damage to the enemy. Atreus also lands a double flying kick against the foe, knocking it into his father’s path and letting him land a massive attack with his fists for a deadly combo.

“That combat moment in the middle of mayhem is a perfect example of how Kratos and Atreus can take down their enemies together,” Studstill explains. The dynamic combat between Kratos and Atreus is arguably one of the game’s biggest selling points and core features, so God of War players can expect to experience that in plenty of sequences in the game.

But in addition to the game’s combat system, there are plenty of other things that Santa Monica Studio is keeping to itself for now. For example, the developer has made significant changes to the weapon upgrade system, and although it has revealed some information about how that works, it has let to show it in action. According to Studstill, the developer “can’t wait to show you more as we head into early 2018,” so hopefully fans will get to see more gameplay soon.

God of War launches exclusively for the PlayStation 4 early in 2018.

Source: PlayStation Blog